Friday, May 4, 2018

It was my turn, and the final

I just can't. Sorry. 

All my quilting is put away for now. Sometimes I pass my teeny tiny area (which is now just piled with my quilt fabric in trash bags), and yearn to pick up a needle and thread. But the time isn't right. It will be again someday, hopefully, but not now.

I don't know as I'll ever do another mystery again. It doesn't work out for me. Someday I'll just post the finishes of all the other mysteries. And I'll post free patterns. I hope. Because I have lots of free patterns filed away in my brain.

Thankfully I only had a small stroke. But then I didn't even tell you that did I? Yes I had a tiny stroke. It was in my eye actually. And they can't find a single cause. At least I know my arteries aren't clogged. They did find a small hole in my heart. But that really isn't uncommon. So... I get to begin my own rounds of docs and tests.

And so I just can't. We have too much life going on around here. 

I hope you like the finished layout. 

Ps. I changed the name of my blog. More about that another day.