Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Space Journey post 12: Making Buddies.

It is so exciting to see you all post on the facebook group, thank you!
I do think you will enjoy this week's stop on our journey thru space.

Do you remember these little guys?

Well, pair them up!
They need a fighting buddy to watch their back.
So sew them up like this: 

You should have 12 pairs when you are finished.

Now some might say: Why didn't you just have us make those little triangles into a diamond and save us the sewing?
When you sew multiple blocks together, it often makes larger pieces. In non EPP quilts I've sewn rectangles at the edge of quilt blocks that suddenly became squares, and vice versa.
All these little triangles were a HUGE part of this mystery. Their purpose was to show you the many new and exciting ways that you could assemble tumbling blocks together.

If you decide to repeat the pattern, then certainly you may stick a little diamond where those two bottom triangles form a diamond
You might even want to make them two different colors!
Who knows? As always, the possibilities are endless.

Until next week,
Have fun!
~ Ms. Hillbilly ~