Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meet the family (again)

Before I start getting into the nitty gritty of blogging, I should re introduce each of us so you all know who I am talking about when I am talking about them :)

Here is the latest 'family photo'. Kind of funny to go get Christmas trees in short sleeves and no snow. Weather around here changes on a dime. We dropped 50 degrees in a 12 hour period day before last. So you go get trees when the goin' is good!

Seth is the one in the back on the left. He's now 16. Next to him is future son-in-law Blake.
Goober in the hat...me! Next to my Ever so handsome hubby, Jerry.
Amy is in front. She'll be 24 in April..and Stephen just turned 4.

Me and my bestie Helen. You'll hear me talk of her from time to time. I miss her so. We moved away from her but we still try to see each other when we can. Six hours drive is not such a big deal when its important.

My boy ringing bells for the Salvation army. It was really cold and it was 8 oclock at night. He took it seriously as he wanted to give the poor boys and girls some toys. Stephen has his own blog that i seriously need to get to work on.

Me and my crazy dog. He has chosen to be MY dog...he doesnt like Jerry at all.
Nor does he like anyone coming within walking distance of the house.
You come near...well just dont do it. Youve been warned.
But with Stephen he's as gentle as can be. Stephen named him "Cubby" and it stuck.
He also said, "That dog is a big chicken head dog" and that stuck.
So meet Chicken Head. He already has a regular blog appearance in the works.

So there is the 'gang'.
Now you'll know who's who when I am saying what's what. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Begin Again

So...here I begin this journey again. Some ask why change from the old blog? Why not just pick up where I left off?

Well...I am not that person anymore. She got lost somewhere in the last year and a half. Overnight..I just changed. I had to remove a lot of things from my life and I think I've changed alot inside too. Some good and some bad. I am working hard, (but no longer pushing myself) to get back the good.

Yet, deep down inside...I'm still 'there'. I still enjoy writing and reading. I just don't do much of either. I still enjoy hiking...I think. I've not hit a trail in a couple of years. I still enjoy quilting..although I've not touched my sewing machine to quilt in over a year and a half. What a blessing hand sewing has been to fill that void!

So what will this blog be since it has my store name on it? Well...I can assure you it will NOT be like other 'store' blogs. I am not out to 'make a buck' with my blog. I mean I'd love to spread the word about my Ahhhhs as they are exciting to me. I just LOVE design! In fact, from time to time, I might share some designs here. Not sure about that. Its all a tough decision with the upcoming book and all. Anyway....get out of here rabbit...

What this blog will be...Me. Whatever I want to write. I do so love to write, you know that. I'll have some fun and some serious. Family and friends. Quilts and tutes. I might at time share favorite notions and things but that is only because the last year and a half I have discovered some treasures that I am so happy to have found. I wouldnt have known about them if it werent for my facebook fabric 'groupie' friends.  And one more change...I can sure give away some good giveaways. Friends, I own a warehouse. At current time there is about $25,000 in fabric sitting within inches of me. (( no worries and a watch dog that keeps everyone from coming even close to our home)) I think I can sure do lots of giveaways. Would you like that?

I'll blog again tomorrow...and I'll make sure it has a nice giveaway attached to it.

Right now I just want to say "Welcome back, Hillbilly".
(Its ok to talk to myself. I have more than one personality...there's Momma, and Tonya, and Hillbilly. I find it nice to be able to switch around at times...if the need arises! )

OH WAIT! Let me ask...so I switched (possibly accidentally....because I was prompted I did so...) from blogger to google plus. How do I get followers? How do I follow others? This all seems so different. I do have blog lovin but is there another platform besides that and feedly to follow? Is there a google one?
Help me Begin Again..please!