Thursday, January 30, 2014

What does a body good?

I tell you what does, a day off!! I took one yesterday. And you know what? I am taking another one tomorrow.
Now, see you have to understand. I've had days off..but I usually do shipping, or hop on facebook and answer one of over a hundred messages I get a day (some day's its in the thousands. Literally. For real. My fabric group has over 1400 members now...which I will say is quite exciting!) Last night, I was dumb. I hopped on fb to check in. Well..three hours. BOOM.  gone. There went sewing time (as it was after short man went to bed.)

So you know what I am doing tomorrow?? NOT EVEN TURNING ON THE COMPUTER. For real. No shipping, no email, facebook messages. I won't get much sewing time until the little goes to bed, but I still am going to TRY to get some in when I can.


I've taken up knitting. Yes. Me who has only turned on my sewing machine twice in the last year and a half. Why? Because I can take it along in the car so much easier than I can EPP. My EPP stitches do not look well from the car. My first item I am working on..a scarf for Stephen. He says he wants a bunch of them, one of every color in the world. He wanted black for his first one. LOL he's such a silly boy. I'd show you a photo but the scarf is up near him and he's sleeping and we don't want to mess that up do we? It, of course, will take me a year to finish since I only knit in the car or when the home is under poor lighting conditions. (like when the men are watching a movie and they gripe about my sewing light.) But I must tell you, I do LOVE to knit already. It tempts me at times when it shouldn't.


Blogger. Oy. I've tried to make the transition smoothly to this blog but now I have people saying they can't comment. I have all the comments setting set to where anyone can what's with that??


Jason Yenter's Shangri La is shipping. Drool.


Time for me to work now. This was a nice distraction. I think I shall enjoy getting into blogging again. OH I FORGOT what I wanted to blog about!!!!


As part of my 45 days to change, I started a new study about Jonah. I, of course, am behind. That was so not the OLD me. It is always the NEW me. But the study is very much good for me because it is talking about how you are going along, happy with life, things are going good, then POW,  everthing changes. Your life got interrupted. Yep. That happened to me. I am working hard on trying to embrace the new life and quit looking back to the old life. The only thing that I really need to get a handle on is time and dividing myself between all my 'hats'. I have toyed with the thought of putting Stephen into school when the time comes. And I JUST CAN"T DO IT. I can't. I really can't. He's been more out of preschool this year than in. I am just not cut out to send my children away for school. Nope. Can't do it. So that part of change...I dont feel comfortable embracing and I am not even going to toy the thought anymore. Now...when am I going to find time to work on school? I have NO IDEA. Teaching isn't the problem. We have all day. I work evenings/nights. Scheduling/planning is the problem.


Ok well, that is enough rambling. I really need to get back to work. But this was nice. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Step 2!!

Before I show you step two I want to show you what I woke up to this morning. My friend May lives in Norway, so she was awake and was on the ball and got her triangles done to share with us:

Look at her fabric choices; her quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful!!

Today lets work with your diamonds. You should have 21 diamonds that are 1" on a side.
Use your red for these diamonds. I don't have mine finished yet, in fact, I will be doing that the minute I hit post but here are my fabric choices again:

For my red, I will be fussy cutting!!

For my flip flop quilt, I chose to do my diamonds in orange:

And I will be cutting little blue areas out of this piece of fabric:

Our next step will not come out until next Monday. Those of us that glue baste need to get the sew basting gang time to baste! Plus a couple more people purchased packets today, let's give them catch up time :)

Have fun!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity: Day One!! Step one!

Are you ready??
You should have all of your pieces, and if you don't, this first step is very easy...get those pieces and join in! All the posts are kept up top under the Mystahhhry tab.

Lets do a recap...
You should have 6 colors of fabric...all the primary and secondary colors. The primary and secondary colors can be swapped but just make sure, if you are swapping, remember that when I post!

Remember, I am doing three Mystahhhry quilts so show you a variety. Let's begin with the easiest piece today. You should have seven 3" triangles in your packet.

(Remember, I work hand in hand with Paper to bring you the Ahhhhs, so the above photo is courtesy of their website.)

Use all seven triangles for one of your primary colors. Either all red, all blue, or all yellow.

Here is my primary blue that I picked out. This is a focal point of the quilt so I decided to fussy cut. It is not the MAIN focal point, but enough of one that a fussy cut seemed appropriate. (Yes, I do make excuses to fussy cut.)

On my flip flop quilt, where I am switching the secondary and primary colors, I decided that I wanted purple for my large piece.

On my third quilt where I used a loose interpretation, I am using the white butterflies. I did not fussy cut them, but they do make a nice focal fabric.
On the first photo that got lost in cyberspace, I showed how I lined up the triangles on the fabric to glue, then cut them. If you do them every other one, (facing up and down), you will conserve fabric.
I placed some together here to show you what I mean.

Please don't mind my ugly background. The lost photos were much prettier, but then you don't care. You just want your mystahhhhry don't you?

How about I give you the next part on Wednesday?? Yes! Lets do that!

Share your choices, I can't wait to see!!


You aren't going to believe my excuse why your mystahhhhry isn't out yet. Its so much better than "The dog ate it".

(the face of innocence...THIS time)

Excuse #1:

I really did have photos all staged last night and was ready to write the blog. I had my teen son take the photos, and then he said his phone wouldn't email them to me. I have no idea why; they are lost somewhere in cyber space. Problem is, by the time I knew the photos weren't coming to my computer, I'd 'unstaged' them and it was after midnight and I didn't feel well.
(so that's not a great excuse...lemme move on to the next one...)

Excuse #2:

I was up until after 2 a.m. in horrible pain, only this has been going on for several days. A week ago today a tooth was pulled but this one was different. Never had one quite like it. So a week later, (today), I still have intense pain...but in the jaw really, not the mouth. I can't open my mouth to eat. When I drink it drools back out. (sorry TMI). I still have a lot of face swelling. Talking hurts SO BADLY!! 

Since the tooth was pulled in Jamesport at the Mennonite/Amish dentist, I decided to go visit a more modern dentist here in town today. They first looked for dry socket but they said the inside is actually looking good and healing nicely. It didn't hurt at all to squirt it with water and barely hurt to poke around. They said it looks like there was a bit of nerve damage, which will cause the drooling/numbness. This could last up to 6 months.
So... time to check the jaw. Thank goodness the ONLY digital dentistry MRI north of the river (meaning Kansas City proper) is right here in Cameron. So, I had the image done, and the dentist could not see a fracture, so what they told me is that they think the ligaments to the jaw were stressed/stretched/strained. He didn't want to do much more poking around because of the problem being the jaw so they packed the tooth with dry socket filling (since they got in there and cleaned it all out), and then sent me home with antibiotic to kill any infection that could be there and a big ol' bottle of vicodin. In fact, he wants to see me back, do a regular cleaning, etc, but told the receptionist not for an entire month because my jaw needs time to heal.

I was also instructed to never ever go to the Jamesport dentist again.
Huge. Sigh.
(I like them. They are inexpensive and actually very friendly.)


So, bottom line... I am going to take a pill when Stephen goes to nap. I am looking forward to possible pain free sleep. Sleep sounds quite wonderful as well. 

(they dont sell these anymore...imagine that!)

Then I am going to get right to work getting your photos not only ready for tonight but the next step as well. I am just as excited as you are, really! I've been just being a baby about my silly face that I guess wasn't as bad as I thought because today I had myself completely convinced that I had a broken jaw. So, after one nice nap...I'll face the music and deal with it. Just don't ask me to sing!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

my 45 Day is a Challenge

Well I am 45 today..

Last night I had a tooth removed that was officially the worst extraction that I've ever had. I look like I've been in a fight or something. Swollen lips got cut three times with the instruments... it became rather hairy scary for awhile...poor nurse was running all over trying to get this tool and that forcep...anything to see if it would work. Yep fun stuff. So I am eating NOTHING for my bday.

I did get one birthday present, want to see it?

Seriously, that's what I got! LOL!!! The only thing I got!!!
(we dont exchange gifts that often)
My daughter got it for me. It made me laugh.

I am also officially the MOST BEHIND IN MY WORK that I have ever been. Seriously! whew what a day! So I thought I would let you help me celebrate my day, and just take that present, spruce it up a little and share it with all of you.


Only I am a bit behind on posting since i was up all night. I sort of have been lazy today. I took two naps. No matter, sale runs all day tomorrow too.

All the ahhhhs are included and my dear sweet friend gave you new categories to find the monthly ahhhhs much easier. Just scroll down to the bottom of the ahhhhh page.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Chromaticity Fabric Choices

 Many of you don't know me, in fact a good portion of you that purchased Mystahhhhry pieces found me from around facebook. I am ever so grateful for people sharing about the Mystahhhhry, thank you! so so much!! Since most of you don't know me, and since I've been extremely busy with the shop and all the men in my life (good grief even my dog is a male!), I've not gotten to show off my quilting style.

Well..I'll tell you. I like modern fabric choices but tend to enjoy traditional designs. I LOVE fussy cutting. I need like a title " Hillbilly of Fussy Cut"; "Her Madame Hillbilly: Queen of Fussy Cut" or something along those lines. If asked what defines me in my work..its the fussy cut. My Ahhhhh designs are just hexagons all fussy cut up :)

This first Mystahhhhry doesn't have any mirrored image spots. OY OY OH NO! That is very unusual for me when I work. But I still found drawn to my favorite fussy cutting fabrics. I really had to work hard to choose 'normal every day just cut and sew it ' fabric choices. Good thing further along on a different Mystahhhhry we will be doing some fussy cutting! Whew! I'll survive.

Now before I show you my choices, I want to say that I'll be doing three Mystahhhry 1 samples. I really wanted to show designs that would appeal to all, plus I think it is fun to show how just a switch in fabric can make one design look so different!!

I really had a hard time finding a green for this first one. I am using those border prints for my dark fabrics, but that one that shows blue, I'll try to cut larger green portions. It wont be as true green as I'd like but its going to have to work. The "light" green shows up yellow with my camera but it really is a light green.
I am going to fussy cut (I found some good places to fussy cut!! ha! How does Hillbilly spell relief??!!) my primary colors. This is the blue, yellow and red down in the bottom. The yellow (gold) and red (HINT) will be side by side in the design so they will fussy cut nicely together. 

Here is a more up close look at the 'wild" fabrics all together. It should make for a very uniquely me quilt as the finished design is very geometric and modern in feel.

Now for my second one I thought I better go a bit more traditional. I switched my primary and secondary colors on this one. That is just fine to do!! My primary colors will be in solids and my secondary will be in tonals. (because, of course, there is that little fussy cutting option I decided I can't live without).

And finally, my third fabric choices. I went with a very loose interpretation for these. Especially the purple.
And for two of my primary colors I'll be using that same piece of fabric at the bottom right. I'll fussy cut the yellow and green out of it. In fact, this design has my colors all switched around, but it will show a nice color wash quilt. The outcome wont have such bold outlines, so it won't have such modern feel.

I'll be posting your first steps next Sunday. I believe by then everyone (even our International friends) should have their pieces.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Not so fast...

Wow that last post was a fast one. Sorry about that. I'll slow the pace a bit on this one, but I am going to use this post to cover everything from ahhhhhs to life and in between!


Mystahhhry 1: Chromaticity--
I will be posting my color choices tomorrow. I have several, that way maybe those with different tastes will get some ideas for their fabric selections. I can't wait to show you!


Ahhhh release dates, etc

I've not even gotten the January Ahhhhs on the website yet! There are a couple of reasons for this. With being closed over the holidays and then Paper Pieces being closed just after, I got behind in purchasing. They will go up this weekend.
With number 100 fast approaching, I didn't know whether to continue the monthly clubs after 100 or do something different. We (Paper pieces and I) decided that we should just continue with the clubs. Why mess up a good thing that people enjoy?


Jerry's health:

Jerry was off work for almost two weeks after the new year (another reason I was behind). Hes not feeling the best, but he's ok and back to work. He tries to watch Stephen every night for me while I work. I know this just drains him. A postive...
When he lost his left fingers to one of many strokes, he had to quit playing guitar. While we were in Branson for Stephen's bday, we picked Jerry up a dulcimer kit. He has been working on building it, sanding it, etc. He should be able to play the dulcimer just fine even without the use of his fingers. I sure hope so, it will mean so much to him to play music again. (I'll get to enjoy listening to him sing again too!!)



 Monday night we had to come to a tough decision. Due to my working so much and Seth's father not working much at all, I decided to send Seth to live with his father for 45 days. There are several reasons, but I won't get into all of that. I will say that Monday night as I was driving back home from taking him (crying my eyes out because even though he is 16...he's still my boy, you know?) I decided that I needed to use these 45 days to really iron some things out in my life, that way, when he comes home...I wont be under the stress that I am under now. The older kids have talked about that I am nothing who I used to be. I am not happy, no fun, and fussy. This is mostly because I am just spent..physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, the 45 days began..and on day one I went and purchased some folders and a notebook. Each folder is dedicated to parts of my life that I lost a year and a half ago..back when I had my old blog and no job... back when I slept more, and smiled more. Some things that I am going to really work on changing...

1) Bible study/Prayer. I have a notebook for that, and its going well :)
2) Letter writing/blog reading/re contact with old friends. Give me another week to get this one on track. I've not slept all week..which brings me to..
3) Get the facebook group and ahhhhs under control where they aren't killing me! I have started this process already. I am really cracking down on people that won't pay their invoices and leave me stressed waiting on their payments. (rule is 48 hours but some wait almost a month to pay!) There are other things I'll work through. By the end of 45 days I want to chisel this down so its a happy place again!
4) Read something! My friend, Pat, wrote a book and I've purchased it twice (ebook) and still haven't read it. Good grief! Its on my list Pat!
5) Sew something. Yes. I am Tonya and I love to sew. I don't get to a whole lot but I love to.
6) Date my husband. Phooey, just spending 5 minutes with him would be nice.
7) Date my sons. They need momma time...uninterrupted by fabric/facebook momma time!

and that's all I am putting on my list for now. I am not pushing it..just taking these things slowly and doing them as I can so that when my son comes home in 45 days he will maybe see a glimpse of his mom again..that one he remembers from long ago.


speaking of 45...

I didn't even think of this until I made up my personal challenge but I turn 45 years old this month. I am working on some things for this (like a sale) and another goodie or two. Watch on Tuesday the 21st for the celebration!


Thank you all for being you. I appreciate you!

Hillbilly T.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am not lost

Just super crazy busy (normal but have been trying to fix that for 6 months now).

I wont be posting mystahhhhry details for another week, as we are waiting for parts to arrive to people across the pond!

I'll be back, just wanted to say Hi..lots to tell you. But its after 2 a.m. so I'll save that for another night. I just sent out 64 shipping notifications so I'll be busy for a couple of days.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity!

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity!

  1. 1.
    the quality of color, independent of brightness.

Throughout our Ahhhhh series, we will be studying the Color Wheel. I will be teaching some lessons all about the ins and outs of color. Even if you don't make the mystery quilt, perhaps you can follow along and learn a thing or two!
For our first Mystahhhhry, we will stick with Primary and Secondary Colors. The ahhhh that I chose is especially intriguing, and having a play at a color wheel will be a fun choice for this quilt. Finished size will be a small table topper or wall hanging.  It will have an artsy look about it, but seeing different fabric choices will make it interesting to see how it turns out. If you like modern, bright artsy quilts, use bright bold tints. If you aren't into modern then use muted shades. The design itself is very geometric for this first mystery.

You will need to go to my shop and purchase the pattern packet for the mystery. The packet will just include the paper pieces. The pieces would normally come to over $8 and I have them priced at $4.25. You can find it RIGHT HERE. I am not revealing which ahhhh(s) you will be using until the end or it will take the mystery out of it!

This first Mystahhhhry is a beginner level on all of its pieces. It totals 70 pieces and can be either glue or thread basted. No fussy cutting is necessary or even suggested save one section. I’ll explain when I get to it. This mystery will last for 8 weeks, with the final week being the ‘big’ reveal’.

You will need the following fabric: ((YOU CAN SWITCH THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY COLORS!!!! --if you like the primary colors better then swap the colors I have listed below. The way the pattern is written below, the secondary would be the main part of the quilt. I think I am actually going to make one of each; swapping the primary and secondary colors)) ------------------------------- SECONDARY COLORS:

Dark purple: large scrap
Medium purple: ¼ yd
Light purple: scrap

Dark orange: large scrap
Medium orange: ¼ yd
Light orange: scrap

Dark Green: large scrap
med green: scrap
light green: large scrap


PRIMARY COLORS Of the primary colors you will only need the main hue, but its best if you stick with only the darks, or only mediums, or only lights for them.

Red and Yellow...¼ yd of each
Blue...⅓ yd or more. this particular one could be a fussy cut motif but it would need to be a tone on tone. You would need 7 pieces that measured at least 4” square. This will not be a mirrored image.

Other fabric requirements: this particular design does not use any border or binding. A large piece of backing will be required at the end. 1 1/2 yards should be enough.

Thanks and have fun!! I can’t wait to see your fabric selections!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Color Wheel

I have always loved

The upcoming Mystahhhhry projects are inspired by color. Below are some inspirational photos for you to help get you motivated to get your color mojo on!!
(I am sorry, I went saving photos and forgot to save the source...Easily found by googling 'color wheel art'. )

I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mystahhhhry pre-details!

Pre-details? Aren't I AWFUL??!! I know of at least two people that are going to shoot me for not giving full details...all in good time my friends.

First I just want to tell you what my Mystahhhhrious plans are and where we are headed...hoping you will join me in this!

I have been planning a group of Mystahhhhry projects...not just one mystahhhhry but several. The reason is, I want to start easy and slowly work our way up to harder lessons. I've had people asking about how to finish EPP projects, suggested ahhhh layouts, etc. So these Mystahhhhry quilts will be a learning journey for us. I am going to try to keep the projects fairly small, but who knows? I might come up with something really good! One just doesnt know about these things in advance :)

For this first mystahhhhry, its going to be a fairly small project. Just 70 pieces, and that is not too bad when one is talking paper piecing.

How this will work: Over the next day or two I will get a Mystahhhhry packet up for sale on my website. (I would promise to have it by tomorrow but I learned not to promise. My husband has been home sick all week..and well...if you know me, you know that this type thing happens often so no promises!) The Mystahhhhry packet of ahhhhs would normally be $8.05 (I think if remembering correctly), but I am selling it to you for just $4.25 because I want everyone to try their hand at it! It will be level: beginner...which means it is super simple!

When I get the packet up for sale, I will blog and give fabric details. This is such a small project, with the exception of backing mostly small pieces or even scraps will work. Then we will wait two weeks before I start giving the mystery steps. This is because I have International friends that need a chance to get their hands on their pieces.

So you all go ponder these things and get excited, and I am going to do some coloring. I have the mystery all drawn up, colored, and details all written but then yesterday I got to thinking...what if?.. (you will learn that I like the 'what if' question alot!!) so I am coloring in a second example... then I will post the project plans for you!

Are you anxious??

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Did you know that we are almost at Ahhhh number 100?? I have been racking my brain for at least 6 months trying to figure out what we should do to celebrate the big finish of the first 100 ahhhhs and the moving forward to the next, and then the next after that! (yes...there are 300 of them drawn up and ready!).

So, then one lovely late night, I came up with it (with a little help from my volunteer employees... you need to give them the credit for this ahhhhsomely great idea).

One thing that Ive seen time and time again with the Ahhhhs is that people don't treat them as normal quilt blocks. They use them in more of a sampler quilt style...which is great! They turn out pretty! But, these are also normal quilt blocks...when you place two of the same block side by side, you often get amazing secondary patterns. (Which, besides fussy cutting is what I love about them the most.)

So, I've come up with the idea for this new year of 2014. I will be releasing "Mystahhhry Quilts"!

All the details for Mystahhhhry number one will be lined out for you tomorrow, so be watching. In the mean time I'll try to contain my excitement. Maybe jump up and down a few times. That will be good for me :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lydia got some mommy time!

If you have been in my fabric group for the last year and a half you will know that I've not been sewing at all. My sewing machine, Lydia, has truly missed her time alone with me--and vice versa for sure!!!

Since I had my fabric shop shut down, I got my work under control, then on Christmas day I found some sewing time. I sewed up a dozen pillow cases out of various flannel that I had around the shop/stash. It was high time my family got gifts from their momma! 

NUMBER one and two...
for my friend Helens grandaughter and son-in-law.
The father/daughter likes soccer, hunting, dogs and St. Louis Cardinals. 

Cubby!! You are not scheduled to appear yet!
(even if you do try to look pretty in the new bath scrubby you tore to shreds)

The girly pretty ones.
(I kept one for myself).

The dog lover ones
(daughter and future son in law)

The boy/men ones

And if you are counting...there is one missing.
The sewing machine needle broke right inside of it and it needle some plyers and doctoring.
I dont know how that messed up so bad. Probably the dog did it.
(yes you big chicken head with your beautiful ornamentations!)

My little guy turned four this past week as well and he said it was time for a new big blankie for a big four year old boy.
We like flannel flimsies around here for the drag around, use and abuse quilts.
I just do flannel front and back, no batting.
For his "big boy four year old blankie" he wanted these fabrics:

And I am telling you...that blankie has not left his sight since.
 It goes from bed to couch to car and back again.
Which of course makes me proud that he loves it so!

My day with Lydia was well spent...and it was so good for me to get lost in what I enjoy.
I plan to make sure that happens a lot more often from now on!