Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lydia got some mommy time!

If you have been in my fabric group for the last year and a half you will know that I've not been sewing at all. My sewing machine, Lydia, has truly missed her time alone with me--and vice versa for sure!!!

Since I had my fabric shop shut down, I got my work under control, then on Christmas day I found some sewing time. I sewed up a dozen pillow cases out of various flannel that I had around the shop/stash. It was high time my family got gifts from their momma! 

NUMBER one and two...
for my friend Helens grandaughter and son-in-law.
The father/daughter likes soccer, hunting, dogs and St. Louis Cardinals. 

Cubby!! You are not scheduled to appear yet!
(even if you do try to look pretty in the new bath scrubby you tore to shreds)

The girly pretty ones.
(I kept one for myself).

The dog lover ones
(daughter and future son in law)

The boy/men ones

And if you are counting...there is one missing.
The sewing machine needle broke right inside of it and it needle some plyers and doctoring.
I dont know how that messed up so bad. Probably the dog did it.
(yes you big chicken head with your beautiful ornamentations!)

My little guy turned four this past week as well and he said it was time for a new big blankie for a big four year old boy.
We like flannel flimsies around here for the drag around, use and abuse quilts.
I just do flannel front and back, no batting.
For his "big boy four year old blankie" he wanted these fabrics:

And I am telling you...that blankie has not left his sight since.
 It goes from bed to couch to car and back again.
Which of course makes me proud that he loves it so!

My day with Lydia was well spent...and it was so good for me to get lost in what I enjoy.
I plan to make sure that happens a lot more often from now on!


  1. That is just what you and Lydia needed. Well done on some great projects. Always nice when the blankies are well loved.

  2. Woww that sounds like a very productive day. Oh, and happy birthday to a very grown up 4 year old.

  3. I know Lydia is as happy as you are Hillbilly!! Love LOVE LOVE that you got some sewing time for a change.