Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Chromaticity Fabric Choices

 Many of you don't know me, in fact a good portion of you that purchased Mystahhhhry pieces found me from around facebook. I am ever so grateful for people sharing about the Mystahhhhry, thank you! so so much!! Since most of you don't know me, and since I've been extremely busy with the shop and all the men in my life (good grief even my dog is a male!), I've not gotten to show off my quilting style.

Well..I'll tell you. I like modern fabric choices but tend to enjoy traditional designs. I LOVE fussy cutting. I need like a title " Hillbilly of Fussy Cut"; "Her Madame Hillbilly: Queen of Fussy Cut" or something along those lines. If asked what defines me in my work..its the fussy cut. My Ahhhhh designs are just hexagons all fussy cut up :)

This first Mystahhhhry doesn't have any mirrored image spots. OY OY OH NO! That is very unusual for me when I work. But I still found drawn to my favorite fussy cutting fabrics. I really had to work hard to choose 'normal every day just cut and sew it ' fabric choices. Good thing further along on a different Mystahhhhry we will be doing some fussy cutting! Whew! I'll survive.

Now before I show you my choices, I want to say that I'll be doing three Mystahhhry 1 samples. I really wanted to show designs that would appeal to all, plus I think it is fun to show how just a switch in fabric can make one design look so different!!

I really had a hard time finding a green for this first one. I am using those border prints for my dark fabrics, but that one that shows blue, I'll try to cut larger green portions. It wont be as true green as I'd like but its going to have to work. The "light" green shows up yellow with my camera but it really is a light green.
I am going to fussy cut (I found some good places to fussy cut!! ha! How does Hillbilly spell relief??!!) my primary colors. This is the blue, yellow and red down in the bottom. The yellow (gold) and red (HINT) will be side by side in the design so they will fussy cut nicely together. 

Here is a more up close look at the 'wild" fabrics all together. It should make for a very uniquely me quilt as the finished design is very geometric and modern in feel.

Now for my second one I thought I better go a bit more traditional. I switched my primary and secondary colors on this one. That is just fine to do!! My primary colors will be in solids and my secondary will be in tonals. (because, of course, there is that little fussy cutting option I decided I can't live without).

And finally, my third fabric choices. I went with a very loose interpretation for these. Especially the purple.
And for two of my primary colors I'll be using that same piece of fabric at the bottom right. I'll fussy cut the yellow and green out of it. In fact, this design has my colors all switched around, but it will show a nice color wash quilt. The outcome wont have such bold outlines, so it won't have such modern feel.

I'll be posting your first steps next Sunday. I believe by then everyone (even our International friends) should have their pieces.


  1. Is this the set you're sending too or do I need to buy the cardstock pieces?

  2. Been checking all day to see if you have posted the first clue. I can't wait to get started.