Monday, January 27, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity: Day One!! Step one!

Are you ready??
You should have all of your pieces, and if you don't, this first step is very easy...get those pieces and join in! All the posts are kept up top under the Mystahhhry tab.

Lets do a recap...
You should have 6 colors of fabric...all the primary and secondary colors. The primary and secondary colors can be swapped but just make sure, if you are swapping, remember that when I post!

Remember, I am doing three Mystahhhry quilts so show you a variety. Let's begin with the easiest piece today. You should have seven 3" triangles in your packet.

(Remember, I work hand in hand with Paper to bring you the Ahhhhs, so the above photo is courtesy of their website.)

Use all seven triangles for one of your primary colors. Either all red, all blue, or all yellow.

Here is my primary blue that I picked out. This is a focal point of the quilt so I decided to fussy cut. It is not the MAIN focal point, but enough of one that a fussy cut seemed appropriate. (Yes, I do make excuses to fussy cut.)

On my flip flop quilt, where I am switching the secondary and primary colors, I decided that I wanted purple for my large piece.

On my third quilt where I used a loose interpretation, I am using the white butterflies. I did not fussy cut them, but they do make a nice focal fabric.
On the first photo that got lost in cyberspace, I showed how I lined up the triangles on the fabric to glue, then cut them. If you do them every other one, (facing up and down), you will conserve fabric.
I placed some together here to show you what I mean.

Please don't mind my ugly background. The lost photos were much prettier, but then you don't care. You just want your mystahhhhry don't you?

How about I give you the next part on Wednesday?? Yes! Lets do that!

Share your choices, I can't wait to see!!