Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity!

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity!

  1. 1.
    the quality of color, independent of brightness.

Throughout our Ahhhhh series, we will be studying the Color Wheel. I will be teaching some lessons all about the ins and outs of color. Even if you don't make the mystery quilt, perhaps you can follow along and learn a thing or two!
For our first Mystahhhhry, we will stick with Primary and Secondary Colors. The ahhhh that I chose is especially intriguing, and having a play at a color wheel will be a fun choice for this quilt. Finished size will be a small table topper or wall hanging.  It will have an artsy look about it, but seeing different fabric choices will make it interesting to see how it turns out. If you like modern, bright artsy quilts, use bright bold tints. If you aren't into modern then use muted shades. The design itself is very geometric for this first mystery.

You will need to go to my shop and purchase the pattern packet for the mystery. The packet will just include the paper pieces. The pieces would normally come to over $8 and I have them priced at $4.25. You can find it RIGHT HERE. I am not revealing which ahhhh(s) you will be using until the end or it will take the mystery out of it!

This first Mystahhhhry is a beginner level on all of its pieces. It totals 70 pieces and can be either glue or thread basted. No fussy cutting is necessary or even suggested save one section. I’ll explain when I get to it. This mystery will last for 8 weeks, with the final week being the ‘big’ reveal’.

You will need the following fabric: ((YOU CAN SWITCH THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY COLORS!!!! --if you like the primary colors better then swap the colors I have listed below. The way the pattern is written below, the secondary would be the main part of the quilt. I think I am actually going to make one of each; swapping the primary and secondary colors)) ------------------------------- SECONDARY COLORS:

Dark purple: large scrap
Medium purple: ¼ yd
Light purple: scrap

Dark orange: large scrap
Medium orange: ¼ yd
Light orange: scrap

Dark Green: large scrap
med green: scrap
light green: large scrap


PRIMARY COLORS Of the primary colors you will only need the main hue, but its best if you stick with only the darks, or only mediums, or only lights for them.

Red and Yellow...¼ yd of each
Blue...⅓ yd or more. this particular one could be a fussy cut motif but it would need to be a tone on tone. You would need 7 pieces that measured at least 4” square. This will not be a mirrored image.

Other fabric requirements: this particular design does not use any border or binding. A large piece of backing will be required at the end. 1 1/2 yards should be enough.

Thanks and have fun!! I can’t wait to see your fabric selections!


  1. I won't be participating, but am intrigued to see how you all come along. And I'm totally into the color thing, so that interests me as well! Y'all have fun!

  2. Well, it appears that blogger gulped down my first comment, so I'll try again...
    This would be project number 4,393 for me, so I will be cheering from the sidelines....looking forward to seeing the results!

    1. #4393?? I am bad but not that bad.If I number the projects, I will really be discouraged. LOL!

  3. Being a musician, chromaticity means going one half step at a time. That's a good way to think about colors.