Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Step 2!!

Before I show you step two I want to show you what I woke up to this morning. My friend May lives in Norway, so she was awake and was on the ball and got her triangles done to share with us:

Look at her fabric choices; her quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful!!

Today lets work with your diamonds. You should have 21 diamonds that are 1" on a side.
Use your red for these diamonds. I don't have mine finished yet, in fact, I will be doing that the minute I hit post but here are my fabric choices again:

For my red, I will be fussy cutting!!

For my flip flop quilt, I chose to do my diamonds in orange:

And I will be cutting little blue areas out of this piece of fabric:

Our next step will not come out until next Monday. Those of us that glue baste need to get the sew basting gang time to baste! Plus a couple more people purchased packets today, let's give them catch up time :)

Have fun!

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