Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mystahhhhry pre-details!

Pre-details? Aren't I AWFUL??!! I know of at least two people that are going to shoot me for not giving full details...all in good time my friends.

First I just want to tell you what my Mystahhhhrious plans are and where we are headed...hoping you will join me in this!

I have been planning a group of Mystahhhhry projects...not just one mystahhhhry but several. The reason is, I want to start easy and slowly work our way up to harder lessons. I've had people asking about how to finish EPP projects, suggested ahhhh layouts, etc. So these Mystahhhhry quilts will be a learning journey for us. I am going to try to keep the projects fairly small, but who knows? I might come up with something really good! One just doesnt know about these things in advance :)

For this first mystahhhhry, its going to be a fairly small project. Just 70 pieces, and that is not too bad when one is talking paper piecing.

How this will work: Over the next day or two I will get a Mystahhhhry packet up for sale on my website. (I would promise to have it by tomorrow but I learned not to promise. My husband has been home sick all week..and well...if you know me, you know that this type thing happens often so no promises!) The Mystahhhhry packet of ahhhhs would normally be $8.05 (I think if remembering correctly), but I am selling it to you for just $4.25 because I want everyone to try their hand at it! It will be level: beginner...which means it is super simple!

When I get the packet up for sale, I will blog and give fabric details. This is such a small project, with the exception of backing mostly small pieces or even scraps will work. Then we will wait two weeks before I start giving the mystery steps. This is because I have International friends that need a chance to get their hands on their pieces.

So you all go ponder these things and get excited, and I am going to do some coloring. I have the mystery all drawn up, colored, and details all written but then yesterday I got to thinking...what if?.. (you will learn that I like the 'what if' question alot!!) so I am coloring in a second example... then I will post the project plans for you!

Are you anxious??

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  1. My best friend's daughter gave me Chromaticity as a gift which aI greatly appreciate but I've never done any of this before and am at a total loss. What happens next?