Friday, January 17, 2014

Not so fast...

Wow that last post was a fast one. Sorry about that. I'll slow the pace a bit on this one, but I am going to use this post to cover everything from ahhhhhs to life and in between!


Mystahhhry 1: Chromaticity--
I will be posting my color choices tomorrow. I have several, that way maybe those with different tastes will get some ideas for their fabric selections. I can't wait to show you!


Ahhhh release dates, etc

I've not even gotten the January Ahhhhs on the website yet! There are a couple of reasons for this. With being closed over the holidays and then Paper Pieces being closed just after, I got behind in purchasing. They will go up this weekend.
With number 100 fast approaching, I didn't know whether to continue the monthly clubs after 100 or do something different. We (Paper pieces and I) decided that we should just continue with the clubs. Why mess up a good thing that people enjoy?


Jerry's health:

Jerry was off work for almost two weeks after the new year (another reason I was behind). Hes not feeling the best, but he's ok and back to work. He tries to watch Stephen every night for me while I work. I know this just drains him. A postive...
When he lost his left fingers to one of many strokes, he had to quit playing guitar. While we were in Branson for Stephen's bday, we picked Jerry up a dulcimer kit. He has been working on building it, sanding it, etc. He should be able to play the dulcimer just fine even without the use of his fingers. I sure hope so, it will mean so much to him to play music again. (I'll get to enjoy listening to him sing again too!!)



 Monday night we had to come to a tough decision. Due to my working so much and Seth's father not working much at all, I decided to send Seth to live with his father for 45 days. There are several reasons, but I won't get into all of that. I will say that Monday night as I was driving back home from taking him (crying my eyes out because even though he is 16...he's still my boy, you know?) I decided that I needed to use these 45 days to really iron some things out in my life, that way, when he comes home...I wont be under the stress that I am under now. The older kids have talked about that I am nothing who I used to be. I am not happy, no fun, and fussy. This is mostly because I am just spent..physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, the 45 days began..and on day one I went and purchased some folders and a notebook. Each folder is dedicated to parts of my life that I lost a year and a half ago..back when I had my old blog and no job... back when I slept more, and smiled more. Some things that I am going to really work on changing...

1) Bible study/Prayer. I have a notebook for that, and its going well :)
2) Letter writing/blog reading/re contact with old friends. Give me another week to get this one on track. I've not slept all week..which brings me to..
3) Get the facebook group and ahhhhs under control where they aren't killing me! I have started this process already. I am really cracking down on people that won't pay their invoices and leave me stressed waiting on their payments. (rule is 48 hours but some wait almost a month to pay!) There are other things I'll work through. By the end of 45 days I want to chisel this down so its a happy place again!
4) Read something! My friend, Pat, wrote a book and I've purchased it twice (ebook) and still haven't read it. Good grief! Its on my list Pat!
5) Sew something. Yes. I am Tonya and I love to sew. I don't get to a whole lot but I love to.
6) Date my husband. Phooey, just spending 5 minutes with him would be nice.
7) Date my sons. They need momma time...uninterrupted by fabric/facebook momma time!

and that's all I am putting on my list for now. I am not pushing it..just taking these things slowly and doing them as I can so that when my son comes home in 45 days he will maybe see a glimpse of his mom again..that one he remembers from long ago.


speaking of 45...

I didn't even think of this until I made up my personal challenge but I turn 45 years old this month. I am working on some things for this (like a sale) and another goodie or two. Watch on Tuesday the 21st for the celebration!


Thank you all for being you. I appreciate you!

Hillbilly T.


  1. That a in gray is very annoying and I have no idea why it does it. Will try to fix tomorrow!

  2. Well you've had a tough 18 months, so maybe, as you say, it's time to take your life back now.

  3. Try to regain Tonya in small steps so you don't stress yourself on that. You spread yourself so thin trying to be a different Tonya to so many different people.

  4. Glad that you are regaining yourself. Be kind to Tonya and all else will fall into place. Hard I know but you have made a start... lifting the lid on the paint tin is the hardest part of the job( father-in-law wisdom). Love you hugs to all

  5. Well, it's about time dear!! I'm so glad you are on your way back to all of us!! God bless you girl!

  6. Bravo! Bravo! Seriously, these are some great goals and I know that God will assist you in accomplishing them! Love ya!