Monday, January 27, 2014


You aren't going to believe my excuse why your mystahhhhry isn't out yet. Its so much better than "The dog ate it".

(the face of innocence...THIS time)

Excuse #1:

I really did have photos all staged last night and was ready to write the blog. I had my teen son take the photos, and then he said his phone wouldn't email them to me. I have no idea why; they are lost somewhere in cyber space. Problem is, by the time I knew the photos weren't coming to my computer, I'd 'unstaged' them and it was after midnight and I didn't feel well.
(so that's not a great excuse...lemme move on to the next one...)

Excuse #2:

I was up until after 2 a.m. in horrible pain, only this has been going on for several days. A week ago today a tooth was pulled but this one was different. Never had one quite like it. So a week later, (today), I still have intense pain...but in the jaw really, not the mouth. I can't open my mouth to eat. When I drink it drools back out. (sorry TMI). I still have a lot of face swelling. Talking hurts SO BADLY!! 

Since the tooth was pulled in Jamesport at the Mennonite/Amish dentist, I decided to go visit a more modern dentist here in town today. They first looked for dry socket but they said the inside is actually looking good and healing nicely. It didn't hurt at all to squirt it with water and barely hurt to poke around. They said it looks like there was a bit of nerve damage, which will cause the drooling/numbness. This could last up to 6 months.
So... time to check the jaw. Thank goodness the ONLY digital dentistry MRI north of the river (meaning Kansas City proper) is right here in Cameron. So, I had the image done, and the dentist could not see a fracture, so what they told me is that they think the ligaments to the jaw were stressed/stretched/strained. He didn't want to do much more poking around because of the problem being the jaw so they packed the tooth with dry socket filling (since they got in there and cleaned it all out), and then sent me home with antibiotic to kill any infection that could be there and a big ol' bottle of vicodin. In fact, he wants to see me back, do a regular cleaning, etc, but told the receptionist not for an entire month because my jaw needs time to heal.

I was also instructed to never ever go to the Jamesport dentist again.
Huge. Sigh.
(I like them. They are inexpensive and actually very friendly.)


So, bottom line... I am going to take a pill when Stephen goes to nap. I am looking forward to possible pain free sleep. Sleep sounds quite wonderful as well. 

(they dont sell these anymore...imagine that!)

Then I am going to get right to work getting your photos not only ready for tonight but the next step as well. I am just as excited as you are, really! I've been just being a baby about my silly face that I guess wasn't as bad as I thought because today I had myself completely convinced that I had a broken jaw. So, after one nice nap...I'll face the music and deal with it. Just don't ask me to sing!!


  1. HOW DARE YOU!!! Do not tell us that our dear friend has been being a baby and doesn't deserve to nap after being in pain! Honey, if you don't take care of yourself no one else will and then there would be no more pictures, fabric, stories, etc. You deserve to feel well, now take your medicine and feel better!! Many many hugs!! V.

  2. Glad you went and had it checked out!!! Now get some rest.

  3. I am sooo glad you went to another dentist. And I am even more glad nothing is broken. And maybe this dentist will do work in exchange for a few fat quarters!

    1. LOL - and in case you were wondering . . . Debo is me - Deb Hirsch! That is my husbands name for me . . . we used to have a cat - Cleo, cat Boro (Boris), dog Shadow, dog Maxo (Max) and then I got renamed too! Luckily Sophie & Barney haven't been renamed hahaha. Oh yes - Mike is definitely Mike-o!

  4. ohhhh poor you, I'm going to an endo tomorrow, got a feeling I have an infection in the jaw, well google THIS Apicoectomy I got some terrible pictures and totally freaked out! I sure hope this is not the case.... I feel your pain- LITERALLY!! :(

  5. You poor thing. Get some painfree rest and look after yourself. AHHH's etc will be there when you feel better. Hugs

  6. Poor you. It might be painful, but at least you know there's nothing broken or infected. Get well soon.