Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mystahhhhry1: Chromaticity: Step 6 HIDDEN DEPTHS!

I am so excited to post this!!! This is the big reveal. This is THE MOMENT that shows you the exact potential of these ahhhhs. Well it is when you whipstitch them all together. Because once you do that.. you can play around with them and you will see the pattern I was going for. If you are not joining us for the Mystahhhhry, then you still wont get it. You'll see the ahhhh I am about to show you but you wont see it in all its glory!

I am getting ready to show you an ahhhhh. Ahhhhh number 93. The name of this ahhhh is "Hidden depths" and you are about to find out exactly how it got its name!

You will use all of your pieces to make 7 of number 93. I'll show you the exact layout in a minute. After you make all 7...start playing around with them and I am pretty sure you will be amazed at what this little, rather unusual ahhhh can do.

I will not reveal my finishes for TWO WEEKS. This will allow everyone to have time to whipstitch all those pieces. But you are welcome to meet me in email, Or Hillbilly Quilt Shop on facebook and show me how you think it is supposed to look and I'll tell you if your version is the same as the way I planned it!

Here is number 93:

And here is the layout of how you need to sew them together. I will explain below the photo just in case you can't see it.

All of your small triangles and small diamonds are self explanatory. They are all the same color and size.
Your large triangles are the same size and color as they just go in the middle.

Your half hexagons are where it gets tricky. They go in the same color order each time: Purple, Orange, Green clockwise.
They also have a hue pattern: Dark, Medium, Light...counter clockwise.

So... if you only have ONE dark purple...then that makes the top block up there. Dark purple, medium green, light orange. See? all of those blocks rotate...purple, orange, green clockwise. Dark, medium, light counter clock wise.

You will have 3 blocks with dark green, medium orange and light purple.
And 3 blocks with Dark orange, medium purple and light green.


After you get them sewn together...then your fun REALLY begins. I cannot WAIT for you to see what they are going to make. Have fun!!

I am so excited to hear from you to see if you get this figured out. I know one person that will be emailing me by the time I awake in the morning. She'll have her version all laid out...
(And May, you were right about your diamonds and triangles! I just couldnt give it away yet! )

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity: Step 5

I am getting super excited...because this week we are basting our final pieces!!!

I had mine all laid out to photo, but my main prints are a bit too.. exotic. (sounds good anyway? ) I didnt like how they looked in the photo showing dark/med/light. They look great for my flip flop quilt..could have shown you those, but then it would confuse everyone as the colors are the I went to work in corel and drew up a little illustration this morning. Now..mind you.. I havent figured out how to 'perfectly' rotate yet..So some look a wee bit wonky. (matches my personalilty..I love it!) .

You should have 21 Half hexagons left. Baste them up with your Secondary Colors using this color chart:

DARK purple: 1
MEDIUM purple: 3
LIGHT purple: 3

DARK orange: 3
MEDIUM orange: 3
LIGHT orange: 1

DARK green: 3
MEDIUM green: 1
LIGHT green :3

AND below is my wonky picture :)

You will have a week to baste: The next step comes out next Monday!!
Some of you will be able to figure out the final design next Monday... some might not.
Love mysteries, don't you??

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mystahhhhry: Chromaticity: Step 4

I know some of you just can't hardly wait for the next step of our little project. That makes me very excited to see that you are excited!

Put away your basting supplies for a week and pick up your piecing supplies. We are going to sew the 1" triangles to the 1" diamonds.

I am going to show you ONLY my main quilt today as some are getting colors confused. I'll show the others in a couple of days.

For this quilt, remember, you only used one red, one yellow and one blue. I used blue on my large triangles. So I will be sewing my red and yellow pieces together. (well...I actually already sewed them together but you get the point :) )

My silly camera turned the photo, so go ahead, cock your head and you will see how I wanted to you view these. They make little half hexagons. It is important that you sew them all on the same side.

This next photo shows how to sew them the correct direction.
Place your diamond down so it is vertical. Then add your triangle in to the left so it makes the half hexagon.

These two pieces will be whip stitched together at the left bottom of the red and right of the yellow.

Here are all my pieces for my "wild n crazy quilt" as I have labeled this one. My flip-flop quilt is much prettier. But then maybe I can relate more to the wild n crazy one???

You have a week until I bring out the next step!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Yes, I do, I really really do. That is where my passion lies. I wanted to tell you that if you have a design in mind with the Ahhhhhs and are trying to visualize, then just let me know! I'll be happy to work it out on paper for you so that you can color it in before you purchase. 

ALSO!! If you are purchasing a whole bunch of one ahhhh design, let me know about that too. I'll just count them into one baggie, one label and save you some money. 

These special services require you to get ahold of me in person. Best way is to email me at

or find Hillbilly Quilt Shop on facebook and message me. 

I never answer the phone. Really. I don't. If you do call...just realize you'll have to leave a message and I'll call you back when I don't have a four year old boy climbing on me or singing silly songs in the background. 

I want to show you what I mean about design. A customer had this quilt in mind and had told me what ahhhhhs she thought she would like. 

Here are the ahhhhs/ and how she invisioned them in her head...

Then my first suggestion was to flip flop them if she was set on those particular ahhhhs:

Then I made a design change, used different ahhhhs:

But my final recommendation was that she take out any ahhhhs in the middle layer and use plain hexagons in those spots. Here is the final design that I sent to her:

This took me a couple of hours work, so all that I ask is that you only request design aide if you are purchasing from me. I do love it though.

Ps..I just finished naming all the new ahhhhs. I just need to make web labels and package labels tomorrrow night then month 13 will be up and ready to shop! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mystahhhry 1: Chromaticity: Step 3

How many of you have basted your pieces so far? I have only seen the one photo so please share them to my facebook page : Hillbilly Quilt Shop, or pin them and share the pin with me ( under the same name, hillbilly quilt shop) or email them to me so I can share them here!

Today I need you to grab your 21 small triangle pieces. You will use these for the last of your primary colors. For me, that is yellow. But then, of course I am making another quilt with the colors flipflopped so that one will be in green. And finally, I am making that 3rd Mystahhhhry quilt with a 'loose' interpretation and so I'll be choosing colors from the same piece of fabric I used for step 2.

Below are the fabrics for all three of my quilts.

I won't post anymore steps this week. So next Monday look for step four. At that time we are going to put our basting down for just a bit and do some whip stitching, so have some supplies ready for that.

Have Fun!

Excitement is relative

I want to share my latest purchase. It may not be exciting to you...but when one cuts as many labels as I's very exciting.

Yep. A paper cutter. Can't get much more exciting than that, huh?
 You say, what about sewing supplies? Ha! Id rather just use what I have. 
Fabric? um...unless you can come up with some older Yenter lines or some Paula Nadlestern, then I pretty much have all that I will need in my lifetime. Anyway... that lovely little tool shall save me some time. Yay!!! We like that :)


The husband and I went on a date. You have to understand..this is just not something that we do. We don't have time, we don't usually have a sitter, and we don't spend the money. But this weekend I was decided it was time. So Saturday morning I called him (I work downstairs, he was upstairs...this is what cell phones are for, don't you know?) and told him that he better be calling my daughter and arranging a sitter for dinner and a movie. I even lined up the movie for him. A half hour later he actually walked down the stairs (no phone) and invited me on a date. Aren't we romantic?
Now if you know me well...I don't do t.v...and rarely watch movies. It just is such a waste of time to me, but this movie I really did enjoy. I highly recommend it.


I've been wanting to get this blog up and going again and do a Sunday inspiration post every Sunday. I did that one about color and I loved it. Its now after midnight. Sunday is come and gone. But something from the above movie inspired me already and I know what I will get all prepared for next Sunday.


I am going to go ahead and prepublish the next Mystahhhhry step for a few hours from now. We can't have them waiting very long for such an important thing!