Monday, February 3, 2014

Excitement is relative

I want to share my latest purchase. It may not be exciting to you...but when one cuts as many labels as I's very exciting.

Yep. A paper cutter. Can't get much more exciting than that, huh?
 You say, what about sewing supplies? Ha! Id rather just use what I have. 
Fabric? um...unless you can come up with some older Yenter lines or some Paula Nadlestern, then I pretty much have all that I will need in my lifetime. Anyway... that lovely little tool shall save me some time. Yay!!! We like that :)


The husband and I went on a date. You have to understand..this is just not something that we do. We don't have time, we don't usually have a sitter, and we don't spend the money. But this weekend I was decided it was time. So Saturday morning I called him (I work downstairs, he was upstairs...this is what cell phones are for, don't you know?) and told him that he better be calling my daughter and arranging a sitter for dinner and a movie. I even lined up the movie for him. A half hour later he actually walked down the stairs (no phone) and invited me on a date. Aren't we romantic?
Now if you know me well...I don't do t.v...and rarely watch movies. It just is such a waste of time to me, but this movie I really did enjoy. I highly recommend it.


I've been wanting to get this blog up and going again and do a Sunday inspiration post every Sunday. I did that one about color and I loved it. Its now after midnight. Sunday is come and gone. But something from the above movie inspired me already and I know what I will get all prepared for next Sunday.


I am going to go ahead and prepublish the next Mystahhhhry step for a few hours from now. We can't have them waiting very long for such an important thing!


  1. Good on you and your man! It is our anniversary today(30years) so we are off to dinner which I am looking forward to. Saving Mr Banks was a great movie... saw it with DD2

  2. I'm glad you and Jerry were able to get out and have a date. And YIPPEE on the paper cutter. I am a basic person myself and would much rather spend my money on basic tools than all the fancy gadgets out there these days.