Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity: Step 5

I am getting super excited...because this week we are basting our final pieces!!!

I had mine all laid out to photo, but my main prints are a bit too.. exotic. (sounds good anyway? ) I didnt like how they looked in the photo showing dark/med/light. They look great for my flip flop quilt..could have shown you those, but then it would confuse everyone as the colors are the I went to work in corel and drew up a little illustration this morning. Now..mind you.. I havent figured out how to 'perfectly' rotate yet..So some look a wee bit wonky. (matches my personalilty..I love it!) .

You should have 21 Half hexagons left. Baste them up with your Secondary Colors using this color chart:

DARK purple: 1
MEDIUM purple: 3
LIGHT purple: 3

DARK orange: 3
MEDIUM orange: 3
LIGHT orange: 1

DARK green: 3
MEDIUM green: 1
LIGHT green :3

AND below is my wonky picture :)

You will have a week to baste: The next step comes out next Monday!!
Some of you will be able to figure out the final design next Monday... some might not.
Love mysteries, don't you??

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  1. So excited!!! Will get the others from the post office tommorrow and will have 3 ready to go hopefully by next Monday!!!!