Monday, February 10, 2014

Mystahhhhry: Chromaticity: Step 4

I know some of you just can't hardly wait for the next step of our little project. That makes me very excited to see that you are excited!

Put away your basting supplies for a week and pick up your piecing supplies. We are going to sew the 1" triangles to the 1" diamonds.

I am going to show you ONLY my main quilt today as some are getting colors confused. I'll show the others in a couple of days.

For this quilt, remember, you only used one red, one yellow and one blue. I used blue on my large triangles. So I will be sewing my red and yellow pieces together. (well...I actually already sewed them together but you get the point :) )

My silly camera turned the photo, so go ahead, cock your head and you will see how I wanted to you view these. They make little half hexagons. It is important that you sew them all on the same side.

This next photo shows how to sew them the correct direction.
Place your diamond down so it is vertical. Then add your triangle in to the left so it makes the half hexagon.

These two pieces will be whip stitched together at the left bottom of the red and right of the yellow.

Here are all my pieces for my "wild n crazy quilt" as I have labeled this one. My flip-flop quilt is much prettier. But then maybe I can relate more to the wild n crazy one???

You have a week until I bring out the next step!!

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  1. Week??? Guess I can catch up with all my sets once the new ones come in the mail!! Staying home for a week!!!