Monday, February 3, 2014

Mystahhhry 1: Chromaticity: Step 3

How many of you have basted your pieces so far? I have only seen the one photo so please share them to my facebook page : Hillbilly Quilt Shop, or pin them and share the pin with me ( under the same name, hillbilly quilt shop) or email them to me so I can share them here!

Today I need you to grab your 21 small triangle pieces. You will use these for the last of your primary colors. For me, that is yellow. But then, of course I am making another quilt with the colors flipflopped so that one will be in green. And finally, I am making that 3rd Mystahhhhry quilt with a 'loose' interpretation and so I'll be choosing colors from the same piece of fabric I used for step 2.

Below are the fabrics for all three of my quilts.

I won't post anymore steps this week. So next Monday look for step four. At that time we are going to put our basting down for just a bit and do some whip stitching, so have some supplies ready for that.

Have Fun!


  1. I have steps 1 & 2 completed. I'll have to work on this one later tonight when I get home and have a chance to get mine prepped for basting. I am doing hand basting.

  2. I was able to tag the Hillbilly Quilt Shop with the photos of my first 3 steps of the mystahhhhry. Hope it worked! Happy EPP.