Monday, March 24, 2014

My insurance story..

One more personal pause before getting back to business here at Hillbilly Quilt Shop.
(I hope!! I have a BUNCH new video subscribers but I cant even talk to make a video!!)

The pneumonia had me up last night all night. It was really rough. I get all bubbly in my chest, like it sounds like I am boiling water or something when I try to breathe. When I went into the ER on Friday and was like this, they could not clear my airways with a breathing treatment and had to give me a couple of shots. (and boy did I feel great after those shots!! I was able to talk and eat!!)
 Last night I just got through, but only slept a couple of hours.

I've been to the ER twice with this and it is quite obvious that had I insurance, I would probably be treated differently, and most likey kept a bit so that I can get the pneumonia under control better.

It's not like I haven't tried to get insurance, so I thought I would write this explaining to my friends why I don't have it. If you are just here for Ahhhhs, well they will be back very soon. But no matter what side of the political fence you are on, you might find this interesting. And to's aggravating!


Three years ago I could not walk. I just woke up one morning and my knee didn't work. I couldnt bend it, couldnt put weight on it, I couldnt walk!! I did some phone calls and found out that to be seen in the clinic for the non insured (in this part of MO) then I have to first go through DSS and try to get Medicaid..or be denied Medicaid. So I went through the process. It takes a few weeks. (I still couldn't walk). I was denied Medicaid because I am not pregnant and I do not have a disability, and because my husband works. They told me if my husband quit work...then I can have Medicaid. Yep, they reward you for being a bum. (their reasoning is I can buy insurance through his place of employment but currently I just cannot afford $350 a month).

So fast forward to now...

I have pneumonia. I do not have the time to go through all the denial process again so that I can be seen by the clinic. My husband attempted to sign me up for Obama Care. Guess what? I qualify for Medicaid under the Obama Care plan. So..they say, I should get insurance. But since it is up to MO..and Mo says I can't get it then..I don't have insurance. At least the plus side is, I cannnot be penalized for not having insurance as I have tried.

So why not just pay the $350 a month? Well last year we made $29,000. That's a lot of money for us to choke up when we have to pay rent and for so many meds for my husband!!! And boys to feed! And my husband misses a lot of work time due to being ill. And...I can't even sign up for it until open enrollment in October. By then I guess I'll have to figure a way to work the fabric shop that much harder, I don't know. I want to scale it back...its wearing me down. I have designs to sew for the book!!

Ugh I dont know. For now...I just will deal with my pneumonia best as I can, and if it gets really bad again, I'll try a new hospital I guess.

And that is my insurance story. Phooey on it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Inspiration

This has absolutely nothing to do with quilting. But it could.
No I am not pregnant. Thank goodness. I'd die.
It's just a cute video to make you smile.

I love the tune, I was trying to think of what 'something  new' I was ready for. It is spring. Its time to be ready for something new. Just not this something! Not for this house anyway :)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

A first for everything, right?

Do you have a bucket list? I know you do. You might not jot it all down like some. (I don't as it changes as I do). But I do keep a list of things in my head that I want to try. Some have been there my entire life!
Dreams like Hiking the Appalachian trail or taking my boys to Disney World or my daughter to Hawaii.

Then there are things that just come along that you really wished you hadn't done, but now you can chalk it up to the "been there done that" list. Have some of those? Like keeping so much fabric because you own a quilt shop and its hard to resist but find yourself buried in them so much a friend has to come help sell it off. Done that? Ya I guess I am a loner in that one. But I know some of you have too much fabric, so I am not too alone. Some of you own too much fabric because I run a fabric shop. I won't say names.

This past couple of weeks I (without choice) decided to delve into the world of the unknown. I am relatively healthy but I've been burning the midnight oil for far far too long. I know that..I just have been at a loss what to do concerning it. Anyway, in so doing, I allowed my influenza to turn into pneumonia. Now the flu, been there done that lots. But pneumonia..this was a first.

I find it scary at times (when I can't breathe) and frustrating most of the time. (because I haven't been able to talk or eat for a week without chocking). I find the hospital only willing to do the minimum because I have no insurance..(I will explain this in another post. In my search for insurance..well nothing is simple for the hillbilly lets just say that! You all will find it rather interesting I think so I'll blog about it soon.)

I am feeling better today, but not near as well as I did last night. Not after spending the day in the hospital (twice this week) getting some more good drugs. Last night I was able to talk and eat and it was wonderful! Then I couldn't sleep and was up all night so today I am quite groggy. Master Stephen is awake an awaiting his mother to play so I have to close but I just want to say... I could have done without having said:

Pneumonia: been there done that.

But since I have, I do have a better understanding of what it is like. And I will be taking it easy for awhile yet.

And the webstore is back open as I've had people wanting to view it but I really can't fill orders until Monday. Sorry about that. I'm in bed this weekend. Fun times :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little tour of The Missouri Star Quilt Company

I had a friend here working with me all this last week. She volunteered to drive here, pay for her own hotel room for 4 nights, and work long hard days helping me try to sell off some things and catch up around this joint. It was so kind of her! I was, of course, sicker than a dog the entire time. I had the sloppy, yucky influenza stuff that just would NOT go away. Its still here. Today is the first day I've even thought about working in three days. After she left..I died.

BUT, while she was here I took her on a little tour to the Mo Star Quilt Company. Many of you older followers will know I live very near them, and my husband used to be a police officer in the small town that MSQC is located in. WOW have they changed the town in two years. While I've been struggling to get off my crazy roller coaster of sick hubby and business gone wild..well they've been busy building a quilt theme park (for lack of a better name!).
Now you have to understand, the town of Hamilton is VERY SMALL. Like. tiny. MSQC has purchased most of the downtown area. They have plans to open at least 7 quilt shops...and counting. They have a new retreat center ( and yes I have been invited to hold as many retreats there as I would like!), and an awesome quilt center. I'll give you a quick camera tour of what they have so far....

I forgot to photo their old building of where they got started. It is now shipping and I thought my own shipping warehouse was bad...until I saw theirs!

This is their main quilt shop. Jenny's studio is inside which is where all videos are filmed...

The seasonal Shop:

Every quilt pattern and fabric line has to do with a holiday:

Then there is the retreat center. Its quite lovely when you think about the old rundown building it used to be.
You are able to just check in and have a personal retreat most anytime you want to. I might be taking advantage of that someday soon.  Its only $38 a room (I think). 

You just use the kitchen as you want, stock the food yourself. All else is provided.

Most rooms are upstairs, but they have two available for those that can't climb stairs.

Stephen did not mind climbing the stairs, but he was totally aggravated that there is a NO MEN policy for sleeping arrangements. (I personally thought it to be awesome.)

Finally, my favorite building so far.
This used to be the old library.

But it now houses not 1, not 2 but 7, yes SEVEN Gammill long arm machines.
They run 7 employees 40 hours a week, PLUS they have a night crew for 3 of those days.
Just quilting away. All of the time, and still are backed up for 6 weeks.
Can you imagine seeing all of the quilts that run thru that place??????

They allow visitors to browse around and thru and watch. They explain the process. Sweet lady above was showing Stephen how it all worked.

Here is one last photo. My poor friend Kim, on the left has frazzled hair after a week of hard work.
I am on the right and am just...exhausted.
The one in the middle...always a smile!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Mystahhhhry 1: Chromaticity: THE FINISH!!

As I said on my previous post, I am sorry I didn't get my Mystahhhhry quilts finished yet. With all the sickness around here it just wasn't able to happen. They wont take me long to sew up as soon as I can get to them. 

But I do have it drawn up for you to see..are you ready?

The only thing I made one minor change from my original design. ALL of the little diamonds are one primary color and ALL of the little triangles are another primary color. Photo below (which was my original drawing before it all started) shows them kind of mixed up half and half.

I have included a black and white drawing of the ahhhhh. The entire purpose of this mystahhhhry was to show you how, while these blocks can stand alone in a sampler quilt, they also create wonderful secondary patterns when you place them together.


Future mystahhhhries will show different finishing options. I DO NOT NOT NOT recommend a traditional quilting finish on this quilt. If you do, you will lose part of the pattern in the finish.  (as I said, I'll show you on a later Mystahhhhry when you should use that type of finish)

I am going to quote directly from paper pieces. com on how this quilt should be finished:

" If you would like your quilt to finish with “uneven” edges this is the method for 
you! If you are going to machine quilt, go ahead and remove all the papers from 
the edges, pressing the seam allowance as you remove them so they retain 
their shape. If you are going to hand quilt, leave the pieces in until you get to 
them. After the top is quilted, cut the batting about 1/4” inside the top edge, 
following the shape of the top. Cut the backing 1/2” larger than the top. Turn the 
backing under to match the shape of the top and slip stitch closed. This is a 
beautiful way to finish and maintain the hexagon shape top. "

By slip stitching we retain the fun shape of this quilt...and you don't even have to make binding :)

I hope you enjoyed your first Mystahhhry. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you for joining along!!

INFLUENZA, Ahhhhs, and updates.

Don't you hate the stuff?

The hillbilly home has been battling it hard the last couple of weeks. Last week Stephen had it. He had fevers for 4 days and didn't eat all week. He even dropped down below 30 pounds again. We struggle keeping my sweet little one above 30 pounds. He's feeling better now, but during his sickness I devoted all my time to him.

Now I have the stuff. Last night I went and bought some of that Nyquil severe formula and knocked myself out at least. But this week I dont have time to be sick, not at all! I have 2 people coming into town. One arrives today. They are coming to help me sell off all my fabric stash and catch up on work from being hit with the flu.

I feel really awful that I dont have my Mystahhhhry ahhhh quilts done. I will have the reveal for you in the very next post. As soon as I hit send on this one I'll type up that one. I just didn't want an update post to be attached to a Mystahhhhry post.

Anyway, I have been really down in the dumps. Its like the book projects have bogged me down so much with worry. I can't make any videos and I have new YouTube followers all of the time! I can't get the mystahhhhry done because of book projects. Its like a vicious cycle and I am not making headway anywhere because frankly, I never get to sew! Or at least very rarely. So I had to do some thinking...

And, here is what I have decided. I am going to start using my ahhhhhs for the book and share them here and on videos. I wont show the final finish and setting but I simply do not have time to make ahhhhhs for everything! I have some fabulous ahhhhs I am using for the book which will make a great video, so its time to share those around.

That being said, I'll get to my mystahhhry ones just as soon as I can. In the future (and there will be more Mystahhhhry quilts forth coming..) but in the future I've learned my lesson. Sew mine all up first, THEN post the mystahhhhry. I love the Mystahhhhries, so I assure you they will continue. My favorite part of the process is designing and seeing your quilts. A couple of you have shared on my facebook page, keep doing so! (and if you message me on there, I do answer..I have some unreplied messages so be sure to look them up if you did message me! If you are an non reply blogger and comment here, I cant reply to you!!)

Anyway, I have a house to clean and mystahhhry to reveal so I better get at it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its been so long and 45 is past!

I wrote awhile back that I was trying to make some changes in my home..kind of a 45 days to change self imposed challenge.

Well the 45 days was up February 28th. But then something else came along and bonked me on the head.

First lets discuss the challenge:
I dont remember ALL the things that I challenged myself to do, but here are a few..

1) READ. Well, I got like 3 pages into Pat's book. I didn't read any blogs. And I am not reading my Bible as I should. Number one is a FAIL.

2) SEW. Hmmm, I did do better at this for awhile. I wanted to try to make myself sew some each day. I did...for a few days. But now, I am back into the rut of all work and no sew.

3).SCHOOL. I wanted to spend some considerable time planning out the boy's school year. This one is a success. Stephen and Seth both are doing nicely on the school journey and we make time for it each day. I do need to read to them more though.

4) HIKE. Are you kidding? not happening until it gets warm!

and I cant remember what else I wanted to do. Clean the house. did ok with that one.

But I really REALLY really need to find more sewing time. The book and the videos and the mystery and the ahhhs..they are always on my mind but I've yet to find the time to pick one up for five minutes a day!

I did do this little experiment of not working every 7th week. That was nice..I sewed on week 7. Aftermath..not so nice. If I dont work...I dont make any money. And OF was the week RIGHT AFTER the week that I didnt work that I had to fly my husband to Texas and pay for some damages from my dog trying to eat another dog. My dog is back at the SPCA. Other dog is fine. We paid right away and took all ownership.

And I am moving to Texas. Yep. Thats the other biggie. Thats why my husband flew down there. Long story that will be for another day. I am not moving anytime soon. We need to find a job for Jerry first. That isn't easy for an old man, much less an old man that can't do physical labor or even cop type work anymore.

Finally...this month's ahhhhs. I wont be able to post them until this next weekend. All those crazy labels to make :) I love posting the new ahhhhs, although I get kind of side tracked when making labels. I start playing around with the drawings to see what I can come up with.

Ok well I need to go cut fabric some more. I have a mound awaiting on me. (I think that is the hardest part of my job..not the cutting but thinking of all those beautiful things I can make with this fabric. Do you remember the Convergence quilts I was making before everything went crazy? Well I saved some fabric back tonight to try on a convergence quilt. I think I want to make one soon. )

I miss you all. I really do. Those of you that have known me for several years know what I am talking about. I used to be quite the blogger in my day.

I'll chat with you soon.

Hillbilly T.