Saturday, March 22, 2014

A first for everything, right?

Do you have a bucket list? I know you do. You might not jot it all down like some. (I don't as it changes as I do). But I do keep a list of things in my head that I want to try. Some have been there my entire life!
Dreams like Hiking the Appalachian trail or taking my boys to Disney World or my daughter to Hawaii.

Then there are things that just come along that you really wished you hadn't done, but now you can chalk it up to the "been there done that" list. Have some of those? Like keeping so much fabric because you own a quilt shop and its hard to resist but find yourself buried in them so much a friend has to come help sell it off. Done that? Ya I guess I am a loner in that one. But I know some of you have too much fabric, so I am not too alone. Some of you own too much fabric because I run a fabric shop. I won't say names.

This past couple of weeks I (without choice) decided to delve into the world of the unknown. I am relatively healthy but I've been burning the midnight oil for far far too long. I know that..I just have been at a loss what to do concerning it. Anyway, in so doing, I allowed my influenza to turn into pneumonia. Now the flu, been there done that lots. But pneumonia..this was a first.

I find it scary at times (when I can't breathe) and frustrating most of the time. (because I haven't been able to talk or eat for a week without chocking). I find the hospital only willing to do the minimum because I have no insurance..(I will explain this in another post. In my search for insurance..well nothing is simple for the hillbilly lets just say that! You all will find it rather interesting I think so I'll blog about it soon.)

I am feeling better today, but not near as well as I did last night. Not after spending the day in the hospital (twice this week) getting some more good drugs. Last night I was able to talk and eat and it was wonderful! Then I couldn't sleep and was up all night so today I am quite groggy. Master Stephen is awake an awaiting his mother to play so I have to close but I just want to say... I could have done without having said:

Pneumonia: been there done that.

But since I have, I do have a better understanding of what it is like. And I will be taking it easy for awhile yet.

And the webstore is back open as I've had people wanting to view it but I really can't fill orders until Monday. Sorry about that. I'm in bed this weekend. Fun times :)


  1. Self and family first sweetie - hope you feel better soon.

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better but be kind to yourself and get really well. As has been said self and family first. take care. Hugs

  3. I've never had pneumonia and I really don't want to put that on my been there done that list!! I hope you begin to improve right away. And that you can take the time to take care of yourself. :)