Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little tour of The Missouri Star Quilt Company

I had a friend here working with me all this last week. She volunteered to drive here, pay for her own hotel room for 4 nights, and work long hard days helping me try to sell off some things and catch up around this joint. It was so kind of her! I was, of course, sicker than a dog the entire time. I had the sloppy, yucky influenza stuff that just would NOT go away. Its still here. Today is the first day I've even thought about working in three days. After she left..I died.

BUT, while she was here I took her on a little tour to the Mo Star Quilt Company. Many of you older followers will know I live very near them, and my husband used to be a police officer in the small town that MSQC is located in. WOW have they changed the town in two years. While I've been struggling to get off my crazy roller coaster of sick hubby and business gone wild..well they've been busy building a quilt theme park (for lack of a better name!).
Now you have to understand, the town of Hamilton is VERY SMALL. Like. tiny. MSQC has purchased most of the downtown area. They have plans to open at least 7 quilt shops...and counting. They have a new retreat center ( and yes I have been invited to hold as many retreats there as I would like!), and an awesome quilt center. I'll give you a quick camera tour of what they have so far....

I forgot to photo their old building of where they got started. It is now shipping and I thought my own shipping warehouse was bad...until I saw theirs!

This is their main quilt shop. Jenny's studio is inside which is where all videos are filmed...

The seasonal Shop:

Every quilt pattern and fabric line has to do with a holiday:

Then there is the retreat center. Its quite lovely when you think about the old rundown building it used to be.
You are able to just check in and have a personal retreat most anytime you want to. I might be taking advantage of that someday soon.  Its only $38 a room (I think). 

You just use the kitchen as you want, stock the food yourself. All else is provided.

Most rooms are upstairs, but they have two available for those that can't climb stairs.

Stephen did not mind climbing the stairs, but he was totally aggravated that there is a NO MEN policy for sleeping arrangements. (I personally thought it to be awesome.)

Finally, my favorite building so far.
This used to be the old library.

But it now houses not 1, not 2 but 7, yes SEVEN Gammill long arm machines.
They run 7 employees 40 hours a week, PLUS they have a night crew for 3 of those days.
Just quilting away. All of the time, and still are backed up for 6 weeks.
Can you imagine seeing all of the quilts that run thru that place??????

They allow visitors to browse around and thru and watch. They explain the process. Sweet lady above was showing Stephen how it all worked.

Here is one last photo. My poor friend Kim, on the left has frazzled hair after a week of hard work.
I am on the right and am just...exhausted.
The one in the middle...always a smile!



  1. I would love to see this myself. Thank you for sharing a little of it.

  2. Love the MSQC on Youtube. They have some great easy quilts. Lucky you living so close. Thanks for the virtual tour. Hope the bugs have gone and you are feeling better. Hugs

  3. Uhhh that's like quilting Heaven there!

  4. It would be simply dreamy to be able to see that for real. What a blessing for you and Kim! And what a blessing Kim is!!!

  5. Oh! Jennie Doan is one of my favorite people. I love her quilt shop. I wish I lived there or closer. I live in North Carolina.