Monday, March 10, 2014

INFLUENZA, Ahhhhs, and updates.

Don't you hate the stuff?

The hillbilly home has been battling it hard the last couple of weeks. Last week Stephen had it. He had fevers for 4 days and didn't eat all week. He even dropped down below 30 pounds again. We struggle keeping my sweet little one above 30 pounds. He's feeling better now, but during his sickness I devoted all my time to him.

Now I have the stuff. Last night I went and bought some of that Nyquil severe formula and knocked myself out at least. But this week I dont have time to be sick, not at all! I have 2 people coming into town. One arrives today. They are coming to help me sell off all my fabric stash and catch up on work from being hit with the flu.

I feel really awful that I dont have my Mystahhhhry ahhhh quilts done. I will have the reveal for you in the very next post. As soon as I hit send on this one I'll type up that one. I just didn't want an update post to be attached to a Mystahhhhry post.

Anyway, I have been really down in the dumps. Its like the book projects have bogged me down so much with worry. I can't make any videos and I have new YouTube followers all of the time! I can't get the mystahhhhry done because of book projects. Its like a vicious cycle and I am not making headway anywhere because frankly, I never get to sew! Or at least very rarely. So I had to do some thinking...

And, here is what I have decided. I am going to start using my ahhhhhs for the book and share them here and on videos. I wont show the final finish and setting but I simply do not have time to make ahhhhhs for everything! I have some fabulous ahhhhs I am using for the book which will make a great video, so its time to share those around.

That being said, I'll get to my mystahhhry ones just as soon as I can. In the future (and there will be more Mystahhhhry quilts forth coming..) but in the future I've learned my lesson. Sew mine all up first, THEN post the mystahhhhry. I love the Mystahhhhries, so I assure you they will continue. My favorite part of the process is designing and seeing your quilts. A couple of you have shared on my facebook page, keep doing so! (and if you message me on there, I do answer..I have some unreplied messages so be sure to look them up if you did message me! If you are an non reply blogger and comment here, I cant reply to you!!)

Anyway, I have a house to clean and mystahhhry to reveal so I better get at it!


  1. Yes, make the stuff first and SCHEDULE your posts is GREAT! this way you are not rushed or late ;) get better soon

  2. Can't sleep tonight so have been watching some EPP videos on YouTube. Saw yours and came to check you out. Sorry to hear you have been so sick. Hope you're back on deck soon. I think I'd like some of your ahhhhs depending on what size they come in. I'm not too good with teeny weeny pieces