Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its been so long and 45 is past!

I wrote awhile back that I was trying to make some changes in my home..kind of a 45 days to change self imposed challenge.

Well the 45 days was up February 28th. But then something else came along and bonked me on the head.

First lets discuss the challenge:
I dont remember ALL the things that I challenged myself to do, but here are a few..

1) READ. Well, I got like 3 pages into Pat's book. I didn't read any blogs. And I am not reading my Bible as I should. Number one is a FAIL.

2) SEW. Hmmm, I did do better at this for awhile. I wanted to try to make myself sew some each day. I did...for a few days. But now, I am back into the rut of all work and no sew.

3).SCHOOL. I wanted to spend some considerable time planning out the boy's school year. This one is a success. Stephen and Seth both are doing nicely on the school journey and we make time for it each day. I do need to read to them more though.

4) HIKE. Are you kidding? not happening until it gets warm!

and I cant remember what else I wanted to do. Clean the house. did ok with that one.

But I really REALLY really need to find more sewing time. The book and the videos and the mystery and the ahhhs..they are always on my mind but I've yet to find the time to pick one up for five minutes a day!

I did do this little experiment of not working every 7th week. That was nice..I sewed on week 7. Aftermath..not so nice. If I dont work...I dont make any money. And OF COURSE..it was the week RIGHT AFTER the week that I didnt work that I had to fly my husband to Texas and pay for some damages from my dog trying to eat another dog. My dog is back at the SPCA. Other dog is fine. We paid right away and took all ownership.

And I am moving to Texas. Yep. Thats the other biggie. Thats why my husband flew down there. Long story that one..it will be for another day. I am not moving anytime soon. We need to find a job for Jerry first. That isn't easy for an old man, much less an old man that can't do physical labor or even cop type work anymore.

Finally...this month's ahhhhs. I wont be able to post them until this next weekend. All those crazy labels to make :) I love posting the new ahhhhs, although I get kind of side tracked when making labels. I start playing around with the drawings to see what I can come up with.

Ok well I need to go cut fabric some more. I have a mound awaiting on me. (I think that is the hardest part of my job..not the cutting but thinking of all those beautiful things I can make with this fabric. Do you remember the Convergence quilts I was making before everything went crazy? Well I saved some fabric back tonight to try on a convergence quilt. I think I want to make one soon. )

I miss you all. I really do. Those of you that have known me for several years know what I am talking about. I used to be quite the blogger in my day.

I'll chat with you soon.

Hillbilly T.


  1. Oh sweetie, I do hope things settle down and work out for you soon.

  2. Well, you have some success and that's always a plus! Praying for husband a job. Will add the convergence quilt to the list. :) We ARE supposed to pray about everything, after all!!

  3. I will be thinking of you and praying that Jerry finds a job. Be kind to yourself... it will all work out. Hugs

  4. Good luck on your move/job getting/etc. I hope life settles down for you soon.

  5. Big changes coming! But our God is bigger -- He will see you through. :) Love and hugs to you!

  6. Aww sweetie.. so much going on with you, but know that I still pray for you! Change is often a good thing! Texas sounds exciting. lol At least it's not cold there, and I always wanted to visit that State :)