Monday, April 21, 2014

A few tutorials

This week in my fabric shop its my turn to be in charge of the sew along. And since my life is pretty much either cutting fabric and sewing some EPP when I get a minute here or there, Of course I am teaching EPP!

Now the problem is, these ladies are all over the world and I can't get any papers into their hands fast enough for the sew I will do the next best thing and teach them how to make their own!!

Here is the little pattern we are going to make this week. It is using Ahhhh 34 "It's just Ducky".So I am calling it "Duck, Duck, Duck" (of course you wont even see the "duck' design anymore when placed in the pattern! All of a sudden it makes a pretty hexagon flower pattern!

(you'll have to excuse the drawing..I am still learning this Corel stuff!! but they really do line up in the end !)

It is just a simple little design, beginner level.
(dont be scared, it really is!)

The papers are available in my webstore here :

  DUCK DUCK DUCK Pattern pack

OR, if you want to just draw them yourself so you dont have to wait on the mail man, 
I will explain how to draw your own using my videos. 

HERE IS THE VIDEO that explains how to make triangle graph paper. This is completely necessary to make your own divided hexagons. You can print them on thin card stock which is perfect for your EPP work.

After printing your graph paper, you will need to watch

And finally, just to get started, here are the supplies I use for my EPP:

EPP Essentials

This is a lot to take in, good luck! And if you aren't in my fabric group, follow might learn some things :)

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  1. could you also maybe say the size and amount of each, I have lots leftover from previous Ahhhh's :)