Friday, April 4, 2014

A lady after my own heart!

There is a group of wonderful ladies in Australia that happened across me somewhere or other and added me to their paper piecing group on facebook. They are such a fun group and I love chatting with them!

As you ALL should know I love paper piecing. As some of you might know, I have a couple of videos posted how to take my patterns and draw them up yourself.

Well one of the ladies, Mrs. Del (first name...leaving last name omitted) had this to say:

"Although it's not using your Ahhhhs, it is a copy of one of yours after watching your tutorial. I printed off sheets of 1.5 inch equilateral triangles and used them to draw up the diamond and hexies. I printed and cut my own paper shapes to get started.
I made up one to see how I liked it and have gone on from there. I managed to get 16 stars out of some totally hideous fish themed fabric I had had for a long time, a very very very very long time. I cut up fishes until I couldn't find six the same any more. Then raided my extensive FQs, HYs ( half yards) and 1Ys (one-yards) to find the fabrics for the hexies . Now I'm pondering what to use for the equilateral triangles which I don't think will be fussy cut and will be the same throughout. The project has not got a name yet, although I did think of it as that 'BLEEP-awful fish fabric' as I took great delight in chopping bloody great holes in it. There's a good chance that may end up being the name."

Check out that fussy cutting! Does that look like something I would do or what??

Above are all the ones she has made so far. 

This dancing fish was her first one, and the only one she made a full fish.

And here is her fabric.

Now don't tell me you don't want to learn to fussy glue.
Here are my videos again in case you didn't see the fussy gluing one. 

I have my boy charging the camera. I am excited!! High time we filmed another. Probably not tonight as it is too dark but we will soon!!


  1. These are just beautiful! Amazing how the fabric transforms. Set in a black would really pop these.

  2. Wow they are fantastic. You wouldn't believe they were made out of the same fabric. Wow wow and wow

  3. They are going to be set in black.
    The Facebook group I'd called HAND AND PAPER PIECING - YES!
    And we are a HAPPY mob. Would be HAPPY to have you join us.
    And bring some photos.

  4. I am new to your blog, found you on beaquilter. So I came to look & am so glad. Love those "blocks" & I really like the fabric! Going on to read more.