Saturday, April 5, 2014

A little error here or there...

This is a landmark week for me! Do you know why??

I FINALLY was able to get ALL the ahhhhs ordered from Paper Pieces in their packaging! Often with the lower numbered/older ones I still counted them to order (which totally cuts into sewing time!!). By the first of next week I will have all the new ones PLUS all the old ones.

 **happy dance!!**


I had found an error on one of the Ahhhhs that they had packaged so they thought they better spend some time going back over them. In doing so they found a few errors. So if you have purchased the following ahhhhs in THIER packaging (their packaging is a ziplock style bag with a hole at the top. mine is heat sealed), then please be aware that I might need to send you pieces. Drop me an email and I will do so!!

Here are the ones with the errors and any orders from this point on has been fixed:

#19 has an extra 3" hexagon.
#45 is missing a 2" hexagon.
#81 had 1 1/2 diamonds instead of 1 1/2 triangles
#108 had 1 1/2 diamonds instead of 1 1/2 triangles.


Look for the new ones to be released this weekend!

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