Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do it! Do it! I did.

A few months ago, my husband Jerry and I came to a realization that things cannot continue as they are. I work so many long hours. And our living space has become more and more cramped due to the warehouse. (My living room has a large fabric delivery in it right now, as it often does.) 

So we thought we had this great solution...we would move to Texas. We could move in with Jerry's mother and help her with life a little and make things easier for all of us. But over the last couple of months things have evolved and we just don't see that as our solution. 

About a month ago I was so excited because a local opportunity looked like was going to spring up. It was a GREAT opportunity and super exciting for me. It would have built my business fast. It looked almost a sure thing..but now, I don't believe it is going to happen. The people responsible for offering the opportunity in the first place have not given any responses to my request for a meeting. Since its been over a month, while I will keep this open in the back of my mind for a bit longer, it is time to move on and think about just what we are going to do! 
Jerry and I sat down and had a talk. Then we pushed some numbers. Then we did our taxes. (nightmare.) 
And we looked at both of my businesses. Ozark fabric is my time eater. It devours time actually. On the other hand, Ozark fabric pays the bills. Hillbilly quilt shop is where I NEED to spend my time. I have people requesting videos all of the time. I need to share samples and sew!! And kits ..I need to do up some kits!

We actually tried an experiment of slowing Ozark down. That did not work. It WILL grow, no matter how hard I try to hold it back. That left us with this conclusion: either we allow Ozark to grow how it wants to grow or we shut the thing down because it is just too much for me. If we allow it to grow...what will that do to me?? I have tried hiring employees and that did not work well. 

Our conclusion: We grow Ozark to the point it can run itself (as it pays the bills), then I focus on growing Hillbilly Quilt Shop and my Ahhhhs. 

I am going to show you some photos, but you wont know a thing what they mean until you read 

Have you read it? Well here is the place that we are crossing our fingers about. It has plenty of space for Ozark Fabric and Hillbilly Quilt Shop both. And our family. No more family tripping over customer boxes or bolts of fabric! 


This is the 'house' side view.

The front of the house.
Remember that little garage door for another photo in a minute.

This photo shows both the home on the left and the warehouse space on the right. I am loving the little porch, can't you see a barn type quilt in that blank wall spot, with my rockin' EPP chair below it???

The kitchen is small. But it's not much smaller than what we are in now. Only problem is there really isn't table space for a family!

Here is that little garage I told you not to forget. It is right off the kitchen and hasn't been used for a car. I would actually expand the kitchen out to here.
The rest of the house photos did not turn out. It was hard to get angles. It is small, and some of you would be surprised we are willing to move to such a small place but we are used to small homes. The eventual dream would be to make this location all shop and buy a small home with a yard for our family. Since my husband isn't able to do yard work, a small yard is all we need!

Here is the warehouse. It is wonderfully large and I couldnt get all of it in my photo. It extends some to my right and behind me. UPS and USPS will be so happy too. 

This little room is in the back of the warehouse. I would need to revamp the bathroom area before the shop opens to public!!
( I will explain in a later post my dreams for the shop itself).

So there you have it. I will place a GoFundMe widget on the side bar.
I feel so weird asking for money, but after so many people said, "Do it! Do it!"--- I did it.


  1. so an actual store front?? excited for you guys, whatever the outcome

  2. I truly hope this is what God has "in store" for you. LOL!! I will continue to pray as I have been. Good luck my friend!

  3. Looks great u could make this work

  4. Like Belinda I will have you in my prayers. This looks wonderful.