Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Duck day two!

If you are joining me in our small little sew-a-long, I trust by now you have watched the videos and know how to make your own triangle graph paper.

I have a bonus for you if you use EQ. Bea has a tutorial on her blog about how to draw using triangle graph paper within the EQ program and you can view that tutorial RIGHT HERE.

 She did some quick drawings in EQ and here are some she came up with:

The above designs dont exactly match the sew along so here is the photo of that so you can compare (she took the design and expanded it to a larger quilt...I will just be illustrating how to make the design below) :

So either grab your triangle graph paper or draw it up in EQ and here is the list of pieces you need to cut out:

2" hexagon  x 3
1 " hexagon x 6
1" half hexagon x 6
1" triangle x 12
1" diamond x 12
3" diamond x 3

Now something to remember, your pieces are measured by the SIDE. Here is an illustration from Paper Pieces:


  1. Anyone doing this sew along? btw I did follow your pattern, just hard to tell on the orange parts, on the grey I did it all the same color :) I need to see if I have these pieces.

    1. I'm a little behind but I'm working on it

  2. I'm working on it, playing catch up.