Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ducky day three

Finally, the fun part!!! I LOVE the basting part of the EPP process. You should see me...I get into a design mode, I clear my large cutting table of everything and I pull fabric from here, toss it there, use some glue here and scissors there..lol its like a tornado is in the works! I also like to be alone in my design zone so usually I design in the middle of the night when no one is going to bug me. 
I normally fussy glue every single piece, or almost all of them but this time I refrained and decided to prove that I can quilt without all the fussy work. (I had to sit on my hands I tell you!!)

So here are all my pieces all ready to be whipstitched. I am using Blossom by Kona Bay. The photo isnt very good, huh? but I am telling you...its beautiful fabric!!

Here are some videos to show you how to baste:

Go HERE to learn how to baste using the traditional sewing method

Sue Daley has a series of EPP videos, number one RIGHT HERE shows how to glue and I like some of her handy hints.

And then, of course, I am all about fussy gluing and HERE IS MY POPULAR fussy gluing video.

Tomorrow I am stuck at a hospital with Jerry getting tests and this hospital kindly took my sewing supplies away from me before so I am not sure if I will get to sew or not but I NEVER ever leave home without sewing supplies!!

Tomorrow night we'll be whipstitching. :)


  1. Hide needles and scissors in mysterious places! even on planes you're allowed small scissors. bring nail clippers even to cut thread.

  2. I agree, hide your stuff so you can work on it and stay sane. :) I've done that before! Hope the tests all have good results!