Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mystahhhryously perfect timing!

I was just getting ready to write a blog post concerning the Mystahhhry, when what do you know?  A comment came through that someone had seen it on Bea's blog. I've actually been sending lots of folks over to Bea in the last couple of days. She has a bunch of EQ tutorials in her archives and they are a great place to look if you are considering getting EQ...to see what you can do with it. Or if you have it and don't know what to do with it. (raising hand!).

Anyway, she did a Mystahhhry quilt and you can view it by going to her blog RIGHT HERE.


Speaking of the Mystahhhry, I have been pondering about it...like my failure to complete it. But then I got to thinking...there is NO reason to beat myself up over it. I was thinking how many designers release things like this with computer imaged design and no sewing at all. I at least attempted. I have pieces glued up. And then I got that stupid pneumonia and felt like doing nothing. ( I was kind of excited to be sick at first because I shut my shop down. I thought I would get to sew. I am here to tell you...I did NOT feel up to sewing. )

Then I also have been pondering youtube videos. Kind of wishing I had a way to make them better. Something besides a teen son filming them and a background of my ugly rental home panel walls. But, you know what? I am going to quit worrying about it.

That first ponderination and that second ponderination kind of collided one day. ( I couldn't sew when sick but I could do lots of ponderinationisms.) And I thought... you know what? I am going to do another Mystahhhry. and soon. And I am going to get all the parts done BEFORE I release it. And I am going to reveal it here AND on youtube at the same time. All the steps.

Since I never showed quite how to finish the first one, I will make it finish the same. And I will not push myself but truthfully? The mystahhhry lit a fire under me and got me motivated again.

So I'd really like to do one. What do you think? Still with me even though I am still on a learning curve concerning releasing and such?


New ahhhhs are up on the website!! I will post the photos on the pages here tomorrow. I am forcing myself to cut off work at 10 so that I can sew.
Or draw. so many ideas running through my head!


  1. can't wait... want my pieces on time thistime :)

  2. oh and thanks for the shout out...

  3. Stop beating yourself up about things. You do an amazing job all round.Be good to you!!!!