Monday, April 28, 2014

Some beautiful finishes!!!

Its a record! Who would have thought that the very month I tried to shut down my shop basically...keep it slow..have sew alongs... I would get the record amount of cutting and boxes going out to keep me busy?? Not really record sales, just record work. 

Seriously, look at this mound of packages going out tomorrow. 82 in fact. Do you know how much fabric fits in those large boxes?? 40 yards. Ya, I am one busy Hillbilly. And I think only ONE of those boxes have Ahhhhs in it. How sad is that?

So do you think I got my sew along finished? ha! Who you kidding? But I have some friends that did and they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jessica is a purple fan..and saving purples sure did pay off, isn't this wonderful??!!

Then there is May's. Here is one individual ahhhh.

And I love that she shared just one so you could see what a difference it makes when you put them all together. That one above is number 34 "Its just Ducky". 

Add a couple more and you get "Duck, Duck, Duck".

As you can see from these two beauties, I really am trying to get you all to think about these ahhhs individually and see their potential!!
Tuesday (tomorrow) BeaQuilter is having a giveaway on her blog for the pattern pack. Why don't you go try to win one?

And I'll get mine finished. Soon. I do hope. 


  1. Love them all as they are my colours too. One more AHHH to go and then I can think about some more!

  2. These are gorgeous!! I watched your video and I have got to try it. I'm new to quilting and ive heard of English paper piecing but didn't know how. So… now I HAVE to try it. Cant wait.