Thursday, May 29, 2014

A bit of this. A tad of that.

Some quick catching up:

*MOVING*. This has been such a crazy road. We thought we were going to Texas, then thought that we were going to stay because Mo Star Quilt company asked me to open a quilt shop, but they are wishy-washy about a "hand work" shop. Silly them! So, not wanting to wait forever on them, we searched more and now it looks like we might relocate to Potosi Mo. Nothing much there but a prison. But it is pretty and there are hills. We won't know until the end of June whether we are moving or not. It's very promising though.


*BIRD POOP*. I was actively sewing on my next book project, enjoying the shade while Stephen played, and some bird showed what he thought of my block. All over it. Watch out for birds if you choose to stitch outside. Experience talking.


*NEWSLETTER*. I finally figured out how to get that thing off my website. I don't have time for both that s for sure! Good thing is, newsletter content will move here. Which means you all will get to see the monthly free mug rug release. Yay! WATCH for it :)


*BOOK*. I've started. Including bird poop. NO hexagons. I say that's ok. New is good. Can't wait to share. The first quilt I am making is not my normal style. Nothing wild about it. You'll like it.


*RETREAT*. Even if I move, I plan on having a quilting retreat at Mo. Star's retreat center. They have great prices and a big facility. You can rent machines or bring your own. It would be a retreat of just relaxing and finishing projects. We are looking at Dec 4th-7th. Yes, during the holidays but a perfect time to set aside time to finish projects. I need ten for sure people to even hold the building. Prices are to be released later but I think the rooms are just under $70 per night. Any interest at all?


*DESIGNS* I have more ready, have had for a week. Need to post them for you!

*VIDEOS* I bought yet another new backdrop so hopefully they will improve.


*JERRY*-currently doing ok. but just ok. He's got some health issues that need to be addressed by KU but they are kind of holding off as they don't want to change meds. The new job I'll describe on another day but it should be easier on him stress wise.


*ME*-- just fine. Feeling ok and still working to try to have more time for sewing but with summer we are outside a lot and I have a new short boy doing school full time now so I remain very busy. I will be working hard to sell off a LOT of fabric that has accumulated here since the fabric group opened. No need to try to move it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

He's Back....

Thank you for all your comments about the video.

I do have to laugh about some; I should have mentioned this yesterday because we knew about it yesterday from a few other people. We do have a tripod and it was in use, the camera was not touched. BUT we were in the middle of a bad storm during filming and there was a window nearby that was cracked. If you will watch closely the curtain is what moved. It reminds me of that part of 3 Men and a Baby with the little ghost boy. That still gives me the creeps. Have you ever seen that?? Where the little boy shows up at the window, just staring?

Ha! He's back....

Now the real reason for this post: Jerry's sister passed away suddenly yesterday and I'll be out of pocket until next week. The webshop will be open for viewing but I will not be able to fill orders until next week. Thank you for your patience!!

Here's a little something for you to view since you are probably tired of watching the ghost in my video. Of course, we all know this is a cutout. But still, it's creepy! Every time you watch it.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pretty in black?

For Mother's Day my two older kids gave me the gift of filming a few sessions for youtube. We stayed up until 3 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning attempting to get them filmed.

We are amatuers but we are trying to do better. But then, Monday morning brought an onslaught of negative comments so I guess we are back to filming who knows when as my time is so limited and really... I just want to teach.

I'm going to share the feedback here, not to slam anyone, but because I would like other opinions as well. If I'm going to refilm everything, then I want to make sure we can do it right.

Please watch the video and tell me what you think:


I need to wear brighter clothing.

I should never look down and use mirrors so I don't have to.

I should make my props larger.

I should stand. ( I wanted to, we had space issues. Any more zoom at all and background and floor showed. We tried so many tables and heights and standing vs sitting it was crazy.)

There is not enough space between me and my table. ( Im thinking it would be very awkward trying to reach across a canyon with short arms, and once again, space.)

Talk slower. (asked opinions and have yet to find one that agrees with this..I felt it was a good pace? your thoughts?)

Lose "Um" (self critiqued)

Use more props, if I show something twice, make the prop twice so I never have to look for it or reach for it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Secondary Patterns: 121-128

121 Star Cube

122 Garden Path

123 Simple Star

124 Spinwheel

125 Another Cube

126 Doll

127 Dancing Triangles

128 Connect

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am so excited!!

Ha far cry from the last post, huh?

Well I TOLD you there was a silver lining! It has taken me a few extra days to get your ahhhs out for a couple of reasons.

1) Last weekend I grabbed my men and went to Branson. Oh the hills...they just are amazing. I want to grab a tree and hug it (not cuz I'm a tree hugger...I'm more like a Mama Bear) and say, NEVER take me from this place! I have some things to tell you about but that's for another day.

2) I told you because of the book being just a figment of our imaginations, I can now show layouts. I have a lot of work to get them all done on all the previous months so expect a lot of posts concerning. But this is the easiest way to show them. I do have them as photos on each Ahhhh on the website but they are a bit hard to see. From now on look for posts the label "Secondary Patterns" to see what each Ahhhh looks like all drawn out. Your eyes will pop at the possibilities!! First one is scheduled for tomorrow :) If you want to peek at them, they are on the website as the second photo for each new ahhhhs listed for this month. 

Here is my favorite for this month:

Want some other good news??

3) I am starting to sell other paper pieces-- INDIVIDUALLY. Yep, these are ones specific for settings and such. This will allow you to get just the number of pieces you need for your project. Currently I have 3 pieces available (triangles, diamonds and hexagons), but I will post more as I get matching videos produced.

4) Bulk pricing. Hello! I just discovered this on my website today. So all the ahhhhs that I listed for this month with the second photo of secondary designs has a bulk pricing option. (PERFECT for the layouts I've drawn for you!!) If you purchase more than 6 of a single template (not all different templates), then it will automatically discount 10%!! Yay! Now give me a chance and when you see me post layouts for other individual ahhhhs, then you know that ahhhh has been discounted for bulk pricing as well.


Now, in close... I want to ask that you all sign up for my newsletter via the website. I had planned on not using it but found out the subscribers are unique for the most part so I am trying to write different content for the blog verses the newsletter. If you are interested in family/personal/Jerry's health then stick to the blog. I won't be writing personal info in the newsletter.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

There goes the coaster again!

As you know...

For months and months and months I've been grueling over a book. It was quite exciting to know that someone came to me and asked me to write a book. But then, as you also know, my time is SO LIMITED. The book was to be published in March. Didn't happen. Its May and, while projects are done, its still not even close. But no matter, because as of today..the book is OVER. Done. Fin. GONE.

What happens when you drag your feet too long (whether or not your circumstances cause the foot dragging and really you have no control over the matter)? Well, someone comes along and pulls the book right away from you. Yep. It happened.

Someone (I wont say who) took a good portion of the same designs, went to a big publisher, and is publishing a pieced hexagon book. So they (the patterns) will be copyrighted. Not by me. Oh hooray.

Now you all know me, I am going to look on the bright side and actually that bright side is very promising!

One thing that I do have going for me is that I've been showing you these designs for a LONG time..from my old blog even, that, thank goodness is still out in cyberland. So there is proof that I 'did this first' even if SHE writes a book. Let her have the book. I have supporters, right? I have other avenues that I really don't care to discuss because I don't want those ideas taken as well. I just feel this overwhelming pressure to get them DONE NOW!! NOW!! NOW!!

One thing I will be doing to protect myself, all 300 of my designs will be listed here on the blog as soon as I can get to them. Even though they will still only be released to purchase by the month, I will list them as 'coming soon'. You'll get to see them all! Fun for you, protection for me.

Good news for all of us:
1) All my book projects can now be shared. I will share them a little at a time. I am actually quite excited about this. One thing the book has done is bogged me down to the point of being almost depressed at times that I could never share these beautiful pieces with you, and now I can!!

2) All book content can now be shared. So on my website I will now show layouts for each and every design. Of course this will take me some time but I can show how they look when you place them together for secondary patterns. All you will have to do is click on the ahhhh and there will be drawings there to show their potential!!

3) Settings reserved for the book can be shared. I have some special pieces that I've ordered that now I can show all of waiting on the book! My mind is always turning. There is so much to share with you.

I am really sad about one was to be SO BEAUTIFUL. And it still will be. I ordered extra special parts for it. It was to be the book cover. sigh. It will take a few months to share with you but when I do you can bet I'll be excited!

So, really, when one thinks about it...this really is good news. This chick is actually doing me a favor by taking the book away from me. (feel that emotional ride I've been on today??!! )

And that worries. I am still writing one, or two, or several. The next has already been discussed, agreed upon and I will begin tonight (mainly because I need the pick me up.) It has nothing to do with pieced hexies. What does it have to do with? NO WAY am I saying! No way is an idea being ripped out from my hands again!!! (Oh it is EPP. I mean, I seriously have a love affair with EPP. ))

Speaking of, how about showing me some love? Accuquilt has that design challenge right now and I submitted one of my blocks. You can vote for it EVERY DAY and accuquilt is giving thousands of dollars in prizes away just for the voters!! Wouldn't it be awesome to lose my book but go on to win that contest in spite of? I won't get my hopes high...I just am not that kind of gal. But I will say I think it has a decent chance. It was top rated number 6 a few hours ago. That's exciting, huh?

Here's the daily!!!!!!!


In the mean time, I am going to lick my wounds, count it a blessing and try to find the coaster end...but I really can't until my husbands job situation settles. I'll blog about that in a day or two. I need to go sew something to make me feel better. Well actually I have to go work but I can think on sewing, right?