Thursday, May 29, 2014

A bit of this. A tad of that.

Some quick catching up:

*MOVING*. This has been such a crazy road. We thought we were going to Texas, then thought that we were going to stay because Mo Star Quilt company asked me to open a quilt shop, but they are wishy-washy about a "hand work" shop. Silly them! So, not wanting to wait forever on them, we searched more and now it looks like we might relocate to Potosi Mo. Nothing much there but a prison. But it is pretty and there are hills. We won't know until the end of June whether we are moving or not. It's very promising though.


*BIRD POOP*. I was actively sewing on my next book project, enjoying the shade while Stephen played, and some bird showed what he thought of my block. All over it. Watch out for birds if you choose to stitch outside. Experience talking.


*NEWSLETTER*. I finally figured out how to get that thing off my website. I don't have time for both that s for sure! Good thing is, newsletter content will move here. Which means you all will get to see the monthly free mug rug release. Yay! WATCH for it :)


*BOOK*. I've started. Including bird poop. NO hexagons. I say that's ok. New is good. Can't wait to share. The first quilt I am making is not my normal style. Nothing wild about it. You'll like it.


*RETREAT*. Even if I move, I plan on having a quilting retreat at Mo. Star's retreat center. They have great prices and a big facility. You can rent machines or bring your own. It would be a retreat of just relaxing and finishing projects. We are looking at Dec 4th-7th. Yes, during the holidays but a perfect time to set aside time to finish projects. I need ten for sure people to even hold the building. Prices are to be released later but I think the rooms are just under $70 per night. Any interest at all?


*DESIGNS* I have more ready, have had for a week. Need to post them for you!

*VIDEOS* I bought yet another new backdrop so hopefully they will improve.


*JERRY*-currently doing ok. but just ok. He's got some health issues that need to be addressed by KU but they are kind of holding off as they don't want to change meds. The new job I'll describe on another day but it should be easier on him stress wise.


*ME*-- just fine. Feeling ok and still working to try to have more time for sewing but with summer we are outside a lot and I have a new short boy doing school full time now so I remain very busy. I will be working hard to sell off a LOT of fabric that has accumulated here since the fabric group opened. No need to try to move it!


  1. Maybe you should get a sun umbrella so the birds can poop on that! They have beach chairs with the umbrella attached, I think....They say bird poop is good luck here in NY...if that gives you a chuckle. I know how the south regards NY as I lived in Fla. for awhile. Long Island is far from the city and we are a quiter bunch on the whole. The area I live in is not rural though....far from it but not any apartment buildings of high story.....We have alot of birds here but they have not been soical enough to poop on me.....

    It was enjoyable to read your "news"....I am glad your husband is holding on tight and he is not sick at the time you wrote.

    Moving is never easy....I hope you like your new location and home...God bless!

  2. Moving is a biggie! With my husband's job we look at moving and we say the only way we could do it is have them move, especially with my business added into this mix. I'm sorry the bird poop made me laugh. It would make me frustrated at first. But then I would have to laugh. Just take small steps. I received my ahhh's the other day. I'm going to pick out my fabric this week to start. I'm so excited! I would love to come to the retreat, but I don't think I can commit to it right now.