Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am so excited!!

Ha far cry from the last post, huh?

Well I TOLD you there was a silver lining! It has taken me a few extra days to get your ahhhs out for a couple of reasons.

1) Last weekend I grabbed my men and went to Branson. Oh the hills...they just are amazing. I want to grab a tree and hug it (not cuz I'm a tree hugger...I'm more like a Mama Bear) and say, NEVER take me from this place! I have some things to tell you about but that's for another day.

2) I told you because of the book being just a figment of our imaginations, I can now show layouts. I have a lot of work to get them all done on all the previous months so expect a lot of posts concerning. But this is the easiest way to show them. I do have them as photos on each Ahhhh on the website but they are a bit hard to see. From now on look for posts the label "Secondary Patterns" to see what each Ahhhh looks like all drawn out. Your eyes will pop at the possibilities!! First one is scheduled for tomorrow :) If you want to peek at them, they are on the website as the second photo for each new ahhhhs listed for this month. 

Here is my favorite for this month:

Want some other good news??

3) I am starting to sell other paper pieces-- INDIVIDUALLY. Yep, these are ones specific for settings and such. This will allow you to get just the number of pieces you need for your project. Currently I have 3 pieces available (triangles, diamonds and hexagons), but I will post more as I get matching videos produced.

4) Bulk pricing. Hello! I just discovered this on my website today. So all the ahhhhs that I listed for this month with the second photo of secondary designs has a bulk pricing option. (PERFECT for the layouts I've drawn for you!!) If you purchase more than 6 of a single template (not all different templates), then it will automatically discount 10%!! Yay! Now give me a chance and when you see me post layouts for other individual ahhhhs, then you know that ahhhh has been discounted for bulk pricing as well.


Now, in close... I want to ask that you all sign up for my newsletter via the website. I had planned on not using it but found out the subscribers are unique for the most part so I am trying to write different content for the blog verses the newsletter. If you are interested in family/personal/Jerry's health then stick to the blog. I won't be writing personal info in the newsletter.


  1. Oh my gosh that's gorgeous! how big will it be, I want to try it, may take a few years, but WOW.

  2. That is a beautiful picture! I'm going to be ordering soon!