Monday, May 12, 2014

Pretty in black?

For Mother's Day my two older kids gave me the gift of filming a few sessions for youtube. We stayed up until 3 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning attempting to get them filmed.

We are amatuers but we are trying to do better. But then, Monday morning brought an onslaught of negative comments so I guess we are back to filming who knows when as my time is so limited and really... I just want to teach.

I'm going to share the feedback here, not to slam anyone, but because I would like other opinions as well. If I'm going to refilm everything, then I want to make sure we can do it right.

Please watch the video and tell me what you think:


I need to wear brighter clothing.

I should never look down and use mirrors so I don't have to.

I should make my props larger.

I should stand. ( I wanted to, we had space issues. Any more zoom at all and background and floor showed. We tried so many tables and heights and standing vs sitting it was crazy.)

There is not enough space between me and my table. ( Im thinking it would be very awkward trying to reach across a canyon with short arms, and once again, space.)

Talk slower. (asked opinions and have yet to find one that agrees with this..I felt it was a good pace? your thoughts?)

Lose "Um" (self critiqued)

Use more props, if I show something twice, make the prop twice so I never have to look for it or reach for it.


  1. Tonya, watched your video and thought you did a pretty good job on the whole. I have seen video's on you tube and some really were not as professional as yours. You probably have looked at the Missouri Quilt tutorials on you tube and if you look at her table and background you might use that as a "mentor". Maybe you could put a color behind you other than a quilt in one corner and then a pale wall next to it. Your table could be lower and everything on the right or left of you rather than reaching underneath with that looking a bit akward. I used to do pharmaceutical sales presentations and you want to not be reaching all over and place everything to your left or right in stacks in the corners with your presentation clearly visible in the is cut off and we can't see how beautiufl it is....Black table maybe should be another color and bigger. You look beautiufl in this video and your speaking pace is fine, I think. the beginning it looked like someone was moving behind your black curtain .....maybe not....maybe the fan or something but it was kind of someone might come out with a surprise....I know this is serious so I hope you can take a joke. Maybe you could have a banner behind you with your "logo"....Hillbilly Quilts.....if you film it again I think you should be I mentioned the table should be one point maybe you could stop the camera and the camera person could be looking down at your work (need a ladder)....well that's just my thoughts...who am I....I could applaud you but you can't see me or hear it...kudos...keep at it!

  2. I think you did a great job. Not something I would be able to do. Your speaking speed was fine and you looked fine in your purple shirt. It would be nice to see your logo behind you as mentioned above and like Nightengale says.... just keep at it.

  3. First of all, I applaud your bravery in even doing this. It's hard! Your speaking was clear and the speed fine as far as I'm concerned. You looked lovely. I think your logo might be nice behind you, but with all the colorful quilts you are trying to show, if you do much else behind you, it might be distracting. The suggestion of having your props to the side instead of in front makes sense I think.
    My only real concern all in all, is that I couldn't really see the details of the quilts, so I couldn't tell exactly what the kaleidoscope centers looked like. (Even though I knew what you were talking about.)

    You did a marvelous job!

  4. Tonya, you did pretty good. I would agree with the black. I think it's too harsh, almost like you're floating if that makes sense.
    My biggest thought would be to invest in a tripod for the camera. In watching the video full screen I felt a bit seasick and had to stop watching that way as it isn't as noticeable in small view although I did see it a little, probably because I had been on full screen and knew it was there. (I think if you watch full screen at about 6 - 6 1/2 minutes you'll see what I mean).
    Otherwise, I thought your speaking sounded relaxed and at a good speed.
    I just hate giving negative comments, but you asked so I felt you wanted to know so that you can improve. I think overall it was pretty good for someone just starting out with a new direction for their business. Every business has a lot of tweaking to be done when they move in a new direction though so don't feel bad. You'll get there since you have the drive to want this new direction in your business.