Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daydreams: a free mug rug

Do you still have day dreams? What do you dream about? I dream about so many things...

Hiking again like I used to; only teaching the little boy about the beauty surrounding him.

Sewing whatever I want, whenever I want. Not being tied to a book. Seriously...I think about that often.

Living in a home with a nice yard and a dog or two to play with.

Opening a Hillbilly Handiworks shop with hand quilting, EPP, knitting, wool rug, twining..that list goes on and on...

Sometimes daydreaming can get discouraging if we let it. But we should look at them as a goal to work towards!


When I messaged Jessica of Pikaboo Crafts (on facebook) and asked her to help draw up the mug rugs, I especially did so because I knew of her beautiful embroidery work. Good thing I did. Because I have mug rug issues. My mug rug has been started and dumped twice. I need ALOT of embroidery practice. I finally gave up. There is no way I am showing you my mess of work. Seriously...it was bad.

No worries! Jessi has it covered...

When we were brainstorming, I told her that I like dandelions and they make me think of summer and wishes. She came up with the saying, and I love it!
It is kind of light in the photo but it says
"Don't give up your day dreams".

The mug rug is a simple 8x10 construction with Ahhhh #28
The embroidery goes all the way around the ahhhh, with blowing seedlings on each section. Its hard to see in the photo.
A link to the embroidery is below, and you will be able to see it better there.

Simple, but pretty. I hope that you enjoy our first mug rug!
We have another in the works already for next month. Its so cute. I hope I can do a better job on it than this time. It has..well I guess I can't tell you. I am going to get to work in case I need to make the thing 10 times to get it right!

Here is the pattern for you. Hopefully I did this correctly and all you have to do is click to print the pdf pattern. We would love to see your mug rugs!

Dandelion Mug Rug


  1. You have just given me an idea for a challenge that I want to try... it's a mugrug and why not put an AHHH on it.I love yours and may even make one for myself. I dream of doing lots of things without my bones aching!!!