Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Ideas!

Here are some as promised drawings of secondary patterns. I will be posting these much more frequently. I need to get over 300 finished before October, and I had better get a MOVE ON!!!!!

(funky extra piece ^^^ LOL!!)

# 3 The Patchwork Prism

You can click on any of the above names to go to their place on the website. Remember I have NEW bulk pricing; purchases of 6 or more of the SAME pattern are discounted.


  1. looks great! I want to see them in color.....

  2. Very cool! This makes me want to get cracking on our end you designed for me. I actually like them in black and white so that I can see them in colors that I have in my head instead of getting good stuck by what the example shows for colors

  3. These look amazing. I like to see in colour too though.Hugs to all

  4. These are cool. I see some late night playing coming!