Thursday, June 5, 2014

My new partner!! (giveaway: made ya look!))

For a very long time I have been hunting the perfect person to partner up with me to help sew up my English Paper Piecing designs. I know that several of you offered to help, and please do not be offended that I did not choose you. Many of you I never saw finished projects from; so therefore, I could not choose you. Some of you are over busy..just like me.

My first clue on who to choose was when I had a small contest for the book (not to be) and asked for people to make up a design using an Ahhhh. The above photo was the first entry that I received.

As time went on, I just kind of silently watched folks. I approached Jessica about doing some small projects for me for the other books and she got right on it. Had them finished in days. At that time, I knew she was the person I'd been looking for.

Jessica has been helping me design the up coming mug rugs and I found that she is a perfect fit. We can read each others mind. I can describe to her what I am thinking (but can't draw) and she can whip up the drawing.

She is always asking me how I come up with so many designs and ideas. Well, my mind never ever shuts off. When I am cutting fabric in the evenings it goes into overtime. Now Jessica can help those ideas become a reality!!

Now I am going to hand the post over to Jessica and let her tell you a bit about herself.

I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids (8,6 and 3) and have been happily married for 9 years. 

 About 15 years ago I taught myself to crochet and have been crafting ever since. It keeps me sane!  I now mostly do embroidery and quilting. 

 EPP is my favorite, especially since learning to glue baste.  It's so easy to take along everywhere and the kids like playing with the paper shapes when they need a distraction.  

I started my Facebook page, Pikaboo Crafts,
 last year to share my projects and eventually sell finished goodies and designs to help support my crafty habits.


Isn't Jessica amazing? And her beautiful.
Her facebook group could use some love, so if you will go like it on facebook and come back here and say so, then I'll enter you into a drawing for two mystery charm packs. These are new, hot off the press. I am not showing which ones because they are across the room (lazy) and I am not sure which ones I am going to give out..but regardless... I have two charm packs. :) I'll draw for them next Monday.

Give Jessi a warm welcome into my Hillbilly world and know that are BOTH working on getting this next book out much faster than the last attempt. :)

And when you see the free mug rug next week..then you will know she is the creative hand that drew it up for you!


  1. I was #7! Hope I win! Looking forward to your book also.

  2. Liked Pikaboo Crafts on FB!
    ~Holly Elterman

  3. Happily liked her page, love to see Jessica's projects.

  4. Congratulations on your new partnership Hillbilly and Jessica! Went to Jessica's facebook page and liked it....which was easy to do after seeing it and her work! Good luck to both of you and God bless!

  5. I just signed up. I was #13. She has some great ideas. I can't wait to see the book and rug.

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  7. Likes Jessica's blog. Look forward to seeing your combined prjects

  8. As I am not on facebook I can't like so apologies but welcome to Jessica on Hillbilly handiworks. I'm sure that it is a going to be a great partnership.

  9. Congratulations to both of you on this new adventure! I'm so excited to see what you ladies cone up with together!!

  10. I just entered a comment but it didn't show up, so if this is a duplicate, please forgive.
    I just liked Jessica and she is one talented lady! I wish good things for both of you and am looking forward to seeing what you two come up with!! Good luck!!!

  11. Excited to see the results of this new collaboration!

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  13. Laurel In MissouriJune 6, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    I liked it also and looking forward to the mug rug design. Good luck to both of you!