Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ozarkian dream...

The other day when I spoke about dreams I forgot about one of the BIGGEST BESTEST opportunities yet. I can't do it but still..its one of those day dream kind of things.

Last time I went to Silver Dollar City, Stephen and Jerry were intently watching the blacksmith and I heard a conversation going on behind me. OH WAIT!  ... back up... the night before I had a dream. I really did dream this and tell Jerry about it. I dreamed that when we were in SDC (silver dollar city) that I would meet the owner and he would tell me just to come open a quilt shop there. He would cover the cost of supplying it and they would even give Jerry the job of Marshall (A SDC marshall has to be an ordained minister so that he can perform marriages. I know. I got married by one once. It wasn't to Jerry. We won't revisit that anymore, although here is the little chapel you can get married in...)

Anyway Mister Stephen was watching this man do his work. 

And I was eavesdropping on the very interesting conversation going on behind my back. There was an owner of SDC talking to a couple explaining park workings behind the scenes and what makes SDC different than other theme parks. Now...lemme tell you. I have been to SDC literally HUNDREDS of times and have never run into an owner; much less dream about it then actually have it happen!!

So I stood there with my knees a knockin' all together and wringing my hands an frettin' and carryin on as to whether I should talk to this owner.

Well, I fretted too long because next thing I hear is him saying he had someone special for them to meet, and takes the couple into the candy shop.

I tell Jerry, "I'll be back I have someone important to talk to" and he stares at me like I am crazy as I run off.
Now the candy shop was just a few feet away, but in that time...they disappeared! If you are not familiar with the candy store at SDC the ladies spend the day making fudge and peanut brittle as you see above. Then they give you free samples to tempt you. But at this very moment, they had abandoned the cooking area and left me standing there staring like I was lost in la la land.

So I turned back around and went back to the blacksmith...a' prayin' all the way! I told God that I really didn't plan on having that dream the night before and then for real meeting a for real live owner! So, if God wants me to talk to the owner, then He has to bring the man back into my path.

We get all done watching blacksmiths and snitching samples at the candy shop. Then we spend quite a bit of time watching the glass blower guys do their thing.

Then we wandered on down the road. I chalked the entire dream thing up to me being completely crazy and decided to not think anything more about it.

Until I ran into the owner again. And this time I got brave. I introduced myself. Told him about Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Told him how I would LOVE to open a store inside SDC as there is no better place for Hillbilly Quilt Shop. And are you ready to fall over?? Do you know what the man said to me??

He said, "come open it!" Apparantly the owner of the current quilt shop is retiring after this year. (and frankly I don't care for the current shop as it is too modern to fit in with the SDC theme...ha look whos talking..me with my love of Yenter and Kona Bay. But still mine would have EPP! ).

He said for me to just call and talk to them.

Well, don't you know that I would in a HEARTBEAT if I could?

But, I can't. There is a prison near there that Jerry could transfer to, but the job openings are slim pickin's. That is the favorite prison in the entire state, so the positions are coveted. And, even if he did get to transfer, now how is this Hillbilly supposed to get all that inventory in stock for such a store with all that traffic???!!!

I tucked the dream away.
Maybe someday. 

So between turning down Craftsy, and Jenny Doan getting my hopes all up and that being knocked out from under me and my book taken away and the SDC thing in my hand but not really, one would think it would be easy to get down in the dumps.

But, you know what? I am not. Not at all. Because something else is much more important to me and for a few years, I really don't have time for any of the above.

Here is where my biggest dreams lie. I yearn for the days when I was 'just a mommy'. "just a homeschooling mommy" since he is in preschool. 
Back to the basics. 
That's my biggest dream of all.

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  1. I can completely understand this. And I think I've probably been in the same situation a few times. Wanting a really fantastic job doing what I love, and then realizing that I can't do it. And then also realizing that my life is pretty good just like it is and I have a more important job...helping raise my grandchildren to be Godly adults and helping my husband take care of his aging parents (his father having Alzheimers. I also was able to take care of my mother as she fought a losing battle with cancer. I have been blessed, and who knows but my dream job might not have been so dreamy in actuality. God puts us where we are supposed to be whether we accept it or not. And family is more important than any dreams we might have. :)