Sunday, June 22, 2014

What to do and Where to go??!!

Over the last few months I have had so many thoughts on what our next move is as a family. At first, we wanted to buy that house around the corner.

Then we decided we need to move to Texas to care for Jerry's mom; but that didn't work out.

Then Jenny Doan of Mo Star quilt company offered to me (NOT the other way around) to open up a quilt shop. Since they own most of the next town, and I am into paper piecing she thought a hand work shop would be nice. Perfect! We waited. Sent letters. Waited. contacted. I guess Jenny's kids (who own the company) didn't agree with her idea of me running a hand work shop.

So, let down again, I was elated when Craftsy contacted me to teach classes. But I had to say no to that one. I have no one to watch Stephen for the several days to a week that filming would require.

Now we've been waiting for nearly 2 months to hear if Jerry is going to get a job 350 miles south of us. This is the final countdown. We will hear this week. I am wishy washy. Moving with a husband that is in poor health and getting away from his docs is hard. Moving away from any babysitting help I had (amy) is hard. Moving away from my older hard. But the job will be better for Jerry and the town will be a better place to raise Stephen. Who knows. Just waiting.

If he doesn't get that job...I want to go back to square one and buy the house around the corner. Seriously.


I will be counting and packaging the ahhhhs for myself again rather than having paper pieces do it. Sales have dropped off which of course will happen now that we are in the second 100. I am going to work hard on getting ALL of them in the shop. I am not going to sew, design, dream (thats not true..the dream part) or anything until all 304 of them are listed. Why? Gotta beat the book that is due out in the fall by I don't know who but still have to get my designs out there first.

After I get all the designs up on the website, I am going to work on a catalog. That way you can have a copy to view them all in one place. Sound good?

THEN I can get back to designing. I will probably design some before the catalog. I have this really beautiful runner in the works I need to share. And so many others I had for the book.

I have a video coming out at some point whenever my son and I can get together on it. I am proud of the content. Now if the filming and backdrop go well will be the biggie.

And that is your forever too busy hillbilly's happenings for now...


  1. I hope that you hear about the job for Jerry soon and that things work out as you would like them too.Thinking about you all the time, hugs

  2. I've been praying every day for Jerry's job and all you have to deal with. I can't imagine living in limbo for so long, but God has held you in His hand and will continue to do so. He will show you what to hold on to, and what to let go of. I know your trust in Him has seen you through everything so far and that trust will continue to help you "keep on keeping on" my friend.

    Good luck with the AHHHHs and with the video!