Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I can't do it!

I just can't bring myself to sit down and list all 300 ahhhhs. But that's ok. Someone pointed out to me that there is no way this lady has 300 designs in her book. And if they are public domain designs..it doesn't matter. No one can copyright the designs, and anyone can make patterns from them! Therefore, I am doing what I want to do. I like to be organized and it bugs me to no end to have all those released ones sitting there with no secondary patterns! So..I've been busy drawing them up first.

The newest ones I have finished that I haven't shown you are numbers 13-25.

Number 13- Stepping Stones- is probably the easiest Ahhhh there is, and with the setting it is fun to fussy cut. This layout is very pretty and I think I need to sew it up. Each ahhhh is the same, they are just rotated to create the pattern. 

Number 14 -- Triangle Star-- can be colored a variety of ways since it is just triangles. I think many might like changing the colors of the stars for each block. 

Number 15-- spinning star-- is so intriguing. If you purchase this one print out lots of copies of the coloring page and play around. Lots of options!

Number  16-- Ozark Native-- is another super simple one but it sure creates an awesome secondary pattern. Bet you didn't realize it created this did you? This is a prime example of WHY I want to get secondary patterns up for you! (I do think I am going to add them to each photo on the website too. I like to stay busy I guess.) 

Number 17-- Pie and Ice Cream-- can also create star patterns if you are choosy with your design. 

Number 18-- Aunt Mollies Umbrella-- is a fun pattern. Add a bunch more and choose carefully and you could have stars or pyramids. 

Number 19-- Tilt a whirl-- is one more of several with a sliced layout. I've shown here how just turning the block will change the pattern of the layout. 

Number 20 -- Inspiration Point-- is very pretty in the star layout. 

Number 21-- Reflections-- was an interesting one to play around with. Looks like mountains here!

Number 22-- Diamond Engagement-- is just a pretty little pattern. Shown here I colored each block exactly the same. I think I need to sew this one up too. 

Number 23 -- Razor Sharp-- is insane, that is what it is. I about went crazy coloring it this way or that. i finally went with just a few tossed together to show you the little pyramids. But carefully chosen design will give you pyramids upon pyramids if you want it to. 

Number 24  -- The Hidden Star-- lends itself to playing more with the individual ahhhh, having fun with that middle section. It does, of course make a nice star pattern when matched up. 

Number 25 -- Granny's Spring Tonic-- is a common paper piecing setting with a bit of design change added in. By adding those little extra pieces (shown in the darkest blue), it makes for a pretty pattern that isn't quite like the seven sisters or star pattern you see in a lot of hexagon settings. 


  1. #17 looks like ribbons, really like it! like them all

  2. Love them. Now I want to make them.

  3. You are amazing. They look so different with lots together. Must must must start putting all mine together, just such a big task!!!.Hugs