Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I QUIT quilting!

Not for good. Just temporarily. And I just made the decision like 5 minutes ago. Call it rash.

Basically it is because I was counting ahhhhs and I looked at the date and I realized that I really need to get all my ahhhhs on the market before "that book" comes out. I just really do..that is of utmost importance!!

So I am laying aside my beautiful-that-I-want-to-complete table runner for now. Have you seen the beginning of it? The runner starts with these ahhhhs:

Then I build upon them..this is as far as I am willing to share until it is all done. I will get the pattern pack all set up in my shop for you; which will encourage me to get those ahhhhs listed on the website as in NOW.
(they actually take a long time because for each one I have to draw the design for the website, the bag label and the coloring page...and then I get distracted and find that I just have to draw secondary patterns as those are FUN!) 

I have the top finished, just need to work on the border but NOT UNTIL I get beat the clock. I just have to!!

Go Hillbilly GO go go!


Since I know some will ask:
Mr Hillbilly is still very sick. We still dont have answers.
Its like a ditto of 2 years ago...
and that is that. 


  1. Love those hexies. Thinking of you and Jerry, hope you get some answers soon.

  2. Hope you get your ahhhhhs beaten into submission quickly so you can take up quilting again.

    I hope too that you get some answers soon about DH.

  3. your hexies are beautiful Tonya. I really hope you can do it and beat the clock. Continued prayers.

  4. I am excited and really liking the secondary patterns!!!

  5. Sending hugs and prayers for the Mister....take care, my friend!