Thursday, August 28, 2014


Ok so don't get mad at me but over the next few days you are going to get HIT with lots of Ahhhhs. I am trying to just get them released as fast as I can. Jerry's doctors have warned us that he is going to get MUCH worse between now and Christmas so I've got to push out all the work that I can while I can. Therefore, I am hoping to just get them all listed!
I'll spread them out on the blog here though. 8 per day I hope!

After they are released I'll go back to your secondary patterns for you :) There are going to be some pretty ones for sure!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Long time no yodel, huh?

Didn't think hillbillies yodeled did ya?
Yep, check this out:

Anyway... I am not really hear to yodel. (Here's a secret for you.. I can't yodel!)

But I can do some quilting and designing. I've been working on a wonderful little project. Here is a sneak peek :

I can't release the pattern yet because I just realized that I have not yet released the ahhhh within the pattern!
So I am going to work on on ahhhh releases straight away. :)

Now for those of you that dont know where I've been or why I disappeared off the face of Hillbilly Quilt Shop earth, my husband has been VERY VERY ill. And sadly, we have heard news that he will not continue to improve for anytime soon. The treatments he will have to undergo will make him feel worse before better.

You can read more on my personal blog over at
When I disappear for awhile I update the health issues over there.

In the meantime, the Hillbilly could really use to see some photos of your finished ahhhhs to share around and maybe share on pinterest if you don't mind.

Ok back to work for me! I need to get you some new ahhhhs released!
Oh and p.s. my new video filming area is ready to go. Just waiting on my teen son to have the time to film them! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hidden surprises

Without having book deadlines, and with the situation at home (refer to the Hillbilly Handiworks blog), I made a decision. One that takes a LOAD OFF MY SHOULDERS!
Do you know what that decision is?

NO MORE DEADLINES. None. Not for now at least. I always work every spare minute I get anyway, so I am not sure how deadlines help..anyway..what THAT means is this...

I have a plan that I made, and I stick to that plan. I don't give myself timelines until my husband is better. I don't promise to do other things because there is too much on my plate as it is. I do what works for the Hillbilly!

What does that mean for you and for that ahhhhs?

Well I work through my checklist that I've been chiseling at but its been hard as I have to go from here to there to there and back and forth trying to catch up. Instead..I just work through it.

Yesterday I did number 1 on the list: I updated all of the ahhhs to include discount pricing.

Number 2) I get secondary patterns drawn up. That means...I am not going to release any new ahhhhs until they are done! Seriously...don't die. But if I hold their release it is so much smarter, as I can show secondary patterns as we go. When I do get back to releasing, they will have all the secondary patterns and such included in the release all at once. Now that is much better.

So, therefore, I better get to drawing! Check out these secondary doo dads. A couple of them I just love!!

Number 36: Sliced Hexagon
is a super simple ahhhh. and popular because of that. Rainbows are also popular so I just colored one like a rainbow and showed you how the pattern looks if you leave them all the same direction (top) or twist them (bottom). 

#37 Sun Stone
Is another one of those popular hexi settings. I colored them all the same here and twisted every other one to create a little flower pattern in the centers. 

is the first little hidden surprise today. It's not a popular choice but look... this might change some minds.

is similar to a couple of others but very unique in its own way. I have shown it both directions. 

Number 40: Snooker
 is probably your biggest surprise this week! I have always loved this one and the fun that it can create.
I used the same ahhhh over and over and did three different layouts with that ahhhh.
Isn't it amazing? 

Just play folks. Amazing awaits you! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who is going to have a go of it?

Today I worked through the website and got the discounts on every single ahhhh. That sure took time! But now if you choose 6 or more of any ONE pattern, it will auto discount. This way if you enjoy the secondary patterns, you can purchase how ever many you would like to make your own secondary patterns.

I will happily draw them up if you have a design in mind. Just let me know!

 I've only had one person tell me they have attemped number 35 Pernicious. She is still working through it, but when she gets it finished I'll share it!

Being a productive day, I also drew up secondary patterns of numbers 31-35 for you... lets work through them (dont forget I also keep these up under the page tabs for easy viewing)

Number 31: Outside the box 
is a simple hexagon, quite a common tumbling block pattern. Perhaps have some fun with shadowing?

Number 32: Snapshot
is a common setting for hexagon quilts. Consider color choices and secondary pyramid patterns. 

Number 33: Thorn in my Side
has the makings of a fun geometric quilt paired with some 3" hexagons. 

has been around before when I shared the Duck, Duck, Duck pattern pack. I thought you might like to see it expanded out a bit. 

Number 35: Pernicious
so many ways to color it in!! How about a nice diamond pattern? 

Or I took a Star pattern, added some little hearts... kind of cute, huh? 

35 can be drawn out in so many ways...
But who is willing to sew it?
I will...someday. So many more to do first. But I will. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

The NEW hexagon, huh?

Well, guess what? I found the BOOK. The one that made mine a non exist. See there is this thing where I, as a shop owner, can find these things before they come out. What is really REALLY irritating is this:

It size right in the description "Learn the GLUE basting method"

Hmph. I looked at the photos. I can't steal and share because I don't want to get into trouble but look under

Martingale Publishing
The NEW Hexagon
by Marik, Katja

It makes me sad. But I press on. And sew. And know that it wasn't meant to be because my husband and my family are so much more important.

HEY, how about this? How about I film a video tomorrow? Yep I think I will..its been ready for WEEKS!
Yay, now I am cheered up.

Had to share this time...

I have not been putting anything personal on this blog, but then I haven't even been blogging!

I feel that I need to share this blog post with you from my other, personal blog. It is important as it shapes the future of Hillbilly Quilt shop, although I don't know how yet. I just know that from now until Christmas, I'll be a space case and ask that you all be patient with me.

Here is the long but important read: