Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Long time no yodel, huh?

Didn't think hillbillies yodeled did ya?
Yep, check this out:

Anyway... I am not really hear to yodel. (Here's a secret for you.. I can't yodel!)

But I can do some quilting and designing. I've been working on a wonderful little project. Here is a sneak peek :

I can't release the pattern yet because I just realized that I have not yet released the ahhhh within the pattern!
So I am going to work on on ahhhh releases straight away. :)

Now for those of you that dont know where I've been or why I disappeared off the face of Hillbilly Quilt Shop earth, my husband has been VERY VERY ill. And sadly, we have heard news that he will not continue to improve for anytime soon. The treatments he will have to undergo will make him feel worse before better.

You can read more on my personal blog over at
When I disappear for awhile I update the health issues over there.

In the meantime, the Hillbilly could really use to see some photos of your finished ahhhhs to share around and maybe share on pinterest if you don't mind.

Ok back to work for me! I need to get you some new ahhhhs released!
Oh and p.s. my new video filming area is ready to go. Just waiting on my teen son to have the time to film them! 

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