Friday, August 8, 2014

The NEW hexagon, huh?

Well, guess what? I found the BOOK. The one that made mine a non exist. See there is this thing where I, as a shop owner, can find these things before they come out. What is really REALLY irritating is this:

It size right in the description "Learn the GLUE basting method"

Hmph. I looked at the photos. I can't steal and share because I don't want to get into trouble but look under

Martingale Publishing
The NEW Hexagon
by Marik, Katja

It makes me sad. But I press on. And sew. And know that it wasn't meant to be because my husband and my family are so much more important.

HEY, how about this? How about I film a video tomorrow? Yep I think I will..its been ready for WEEKS!
Yay, now I am cheered up.


  1. In view of Jerry's health etc, it's actually probably a good thing you're not publishing a book at the moment cos of all the time you'd have needed for writing, checking, proofing, checking, approving, checking, etc. Look forward to the video now.

  2. I looked at the book on Amazon and can truly say her Hex's have nothing on yours! They actually look kind-of Ho-Hum compared to ones you make with Jason Yenter's fabfrics. Forget the book - I'll be making my hex's based on your beautiful work. Always look forward to new examples of your work bring on the videos! And take care of your family! You go girl!

    1. I cant reply to you as you are no reply..who are you Taffyhall so I can know :) and thank you thank you!!
      I was thinking they were a bit..well..maybe I am just a bit wild. LOL!