Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who is going to have a go of it?

Today I worked through the website and got the discounts on every single ahhhh. That sure took time! But now if you choose 6 or more of any ONE pattern, it will auto discount. This way if you enjoy the secondary patterns, you can purchase how ever many you would like to make your own secondary patterns.

I will happily draw them up if you have a design in mind. Just let me know!

 I've only had one person tell me they have attemped number 35 Pernicious. She is still working through it, but when she gets it finished I'll share it!

Being a productive day, I also drew up secondary patterns of numbers 31-35 for you... lets work through them (dont forget I also keep these up under the page tabs for easy viewing)

Number 31: Outside the box 
is a simple hexagon, quite a common tumbling block pattern. Perhaps have some fun with shadowing?

Number 32: Snapshot
is a common setting for hexagon quilts. Consider color choices and secondary pyramid patterns. 

Number 33: Thorn in my Side
has the makings of a fun geometric quilt paired with some 3" hexagons. 

has been around before when I shared the Duck, Duck, Duck pattern pack. I thought you might like to see it expanded out a bit. 

Number 35: Pernicious
so many ways to color it in!! How about a nice diamond pattern? 

Or I took a Star pattern, added some little hearts... kind of cute, huh? 

35 can be drawn out in so many ways...
But who is willing to sew it?
I will...someday. So many more to do first. But I will. 

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  1. they look great, I never did #35 on my big ahhhh quilt.