Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting busy!

I cannot believe the changes that have come into my life in one week. I am a bit tired just thinking about it.

The HOW it came about is written over on my personal blog. You can find the specific post here.
But what is the how do you ask? What is the what even? Would I just speak in plain English already?

Ok Ok..I am opening a new shop! I real live store front where you can come visit a real live Hillbilly Tonya! Or... you can visit the outhouse. Yep..the outhouse. I was keeping this under wraps but I do believe I will just tell you all here first. The outhouse is the main attraction! Here, lemme walk you through the shop. You will have to put on your imagination caps. Are you ready? Lets go to Hillbilly Quilt shop!

As you drive into Cameron, you notice Sonic on the main road going through town. Just across the street you really can't miss seeing Sweet Al's Donut shop. Al collects all kinds of train memorabilia so lined up outside his shop are passing gates and signal lights.

Nestled beside his shop is a cute little shop with the door propped open..a small red wheelbarrow decorated with seasonal decor beckons you to "Come on in ya'all!"

You rush in, hoping to grab a yard of two of Yenter or Kona Bay..but stop sudden, shocked at what you see. Just as you enter the shop, pallets line the walls at floor level. Attached to the pallets are buckets and mason jars. Hooks and nails. The jars are filled with notions and patterns. Have you ever run your hand through buckets of wonder clips? You just can't resist...

As you take a quick glance around, amazed at seeing pallets and buckets in a quilt shop, you notice little animals tucked in here and there. Little felt raccoons and deer. A gnome or two peeking out from behind a pallet slat.

But then your eyes fix upon a sign. It hangs high on the wall above seemingly endless rows of clothespins hanging above the pallets. Each clothespin holds a small piece of 18"x22" fabric. The sign reads: " Slabs o' fat: $1.95 each" Your face goes from amazement to grin. You have truly stepped away from whatever pre notion you had of what Hillbilly Quilt Shop should look like and you laugh at what you see. You can't resist grabbing a slab o' fat as you glance at the clothes line running around the top of the store, miniature quilts hanging from it.

As you, grinning, head to the back of the store you get distracted by a large, rickety wooden slat box. Attached to the box is a yard stick. Attached to the yard stick is another handpainted sign " Bolt Kill, sold by the inch" . Bolt kill? Oh yes, then you remember that Hillbilly Tonya runs a fabric warehouse out of her basement at home. She must get lots of bolt kill. You can't resist grabbing some bolt kill to go with your slab of fat..noting that you just HAVE to tell you guild buddies about this place.

Now..with blinders on you head to the main event, the star attraction, the pride and joy of any hillbilly..the outhouse. It stands there at the back of the store, with its cute little garden beside it and the peep hole daring you to look. Above it..another sign says "Ahhhh". Do you look? do you dare? You glance around to make sure no one sees you but you cannot resist. Opening the door just a tiny peek inside. Still grasping the door, you grab it and yank it open wide, amazed at what you see! Inside lining the walls are hexagons. Divided hexagons. Hexagons like you have never seen before. They line the walls and dare you look.."the hole". What is in that hole anyway? You look, and you smile and you keep that secret to yourself.

Stepping out, you close the outhouse door and you look around at all the English paper piecing designs. You ask some questions, you sit down and you try one. You realize this is pretty fun. You grab a brochure and your favorite that you too can add a hexagon to the outhouse.

You leave, and wonder just what project you will use for your slab of fat? And know you had a good day because you stopped in at the Hillbilly Quilt Shop.

Hillbilly Quilt Shop officially opens for business October 1st. Not only a quilt shop, it will have gift items as well. There will be ladies bags and key fobs. Scrap rugs and soap. Fantasmadoolies (what? come see! ) and quilts.

You won't want to miss it if you are in the area. I hear that there are others coming in from out of town the weekend before for a quilt retreat so I'll have a sneak pre opening weekend just for the retreat folk!

I have a lot to do.


  1. This makes me sad....because I am too far away to ever get to actually walk into this wonderful Hillbilly establishment and see it first hand. Many prayers for success!!

  2. Sounds fantastic, Hubby is working on the other surprise. The gears are in overdrive. You didn't mention where all the bolts of fabric are going to be in this quilt shop. Piled on bales of straw? :D

  3. Dang! I want to be there! Your outhouse reminds me of an Animal Zoo not to far from us. As you enter into the park one of the first thing to see is this small outhouse type shape building with a whole and the sign says, "Red Bat". You peek in the whole and there it is a beautiful wooden baseball bad painted red! Everyone walks away with a smile on their face. :-) Please post some pictures of your new shop for us out-of-state people to see. :-)

  4. Oh how I wish I could visit. Please put pictures up so I can drool. So glad that this is happening.

  5. Congratulations! Oh how I wish I could come and visit and give you a hug!

  6. what is your street address??