Friday, November 28, 2014

A little (lot) of help from my friends!

Most of you know that on top of all my husband's other health problems he has added end stage liver disease and probable Myosthenia Gravis to the therefore I am SWAMPED at home. I've become the soul bread winner and soul caretaker for my husband and I am mom, dad, teacher, friend, playmate to my four year old.

Therefore, for a season, I had to just push the ahhhhs, the blog, everything back. It was a rough summer/fall and I sure couldn't even think about promoting my business..even as much as I needed the income!

I have tried a few helpers over time..but for whatever reason (mostly that hand sewing takes time I think) they didn't work out. Until now. I finally have a couple of folks that are sewing their little fingers off for me.

Plus Bea (visit her HERE) has been picking up the secondary drawings and handling them for me! If you look up in the tabs I've added some that she worked on. I'll post a couple here at the bottom as well.

If you have not been to the website for awhile you really should take a look around!! Since I own a store front now, I have really added a lot of items. Patterns Patterns Patterns. Thread and floss! I try to make it a policy to add more items each day!

What I am most excited about adding I will have to wait just a pattern packs are going up! My sewing helpers finished several of them and Bea long arm quilted a runner for me. I am just waiting on that mail man to bring it back to me for photos! I really cannot wait to show you.

So..the short of the long of it...Hillbilly is back in action thanks to MANY people. From people gifting money during tight times. to people sewing; everyone has really helped me get back on my feet.

Now..go look at the website, and SHARE SHARE SHARE! Because it sure has expanded! (so has my wasteline but we won't discuss that. )

Here are some of Bea's drawings. She uses EQ so they have little triangles in them. No worry! You dont have to piece a billion little triangles...well on SOME patterns you might but not all of these.  *grin*


  1. Glad you have good friends. they are worth their weight in gold. Take care.