Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am still growing!

Isn't it funny how when you are little you want to get bigger, but when you grow up it's no fun growing in waste size??!!

Hillbilly Quilt Shop is growing by leaps and bounds.
I know that might come as a shock to you but everything happens in its own due time, and I am a firm believer that it's not our time..but rather One who knows best makes it happen when it is supposed to.

If you don't follow my journal type blog then many of you may have thought I got lost wondering around the Ozark hills, never to return.

But, in actuality we are just getting things squared away so that I can devote more time to my shop and paper piecing. My husband is actually getting ready to take over all of my bookkeeping. I am so excited to just hand that over to him!!!

My store front is tiny and has had a tough beginning. Three out of the four weeks the first month it was open Jerry was in the hospital. This week I've been there every single day and only sold one fat quarter all week. That's it. I haven't advertised though, and I am not going to until I get it set up how I like. I've been watching folks and 'reading' them so I am working to set things up a little differently.

The Ahhhhs will be back. I have been focusing on the website the last few days, adding a TON of patterns, none EPP actually! I carry all kinds of embroidery, wool and punch needle in my shop so I am working on moving them over to the website as well. When I get it all loaded up I'll start advertising it and hopefully you all will help me do that! Wait til its done though..I'll let you know :)

VIDEOS! mercy they need me! I won't be able to for the next two weeks. I have so many doctor appointments with my husband over the next two weeks.. but then I can get back to them as well.

Anyway.. check out Hillbilly Quilt Shop. com (theres a button to click there on the right) and let me know what you think..keeping in mind more and more is coming!

I am getting there friends, I am :)

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  1. I hope the fact that your DH is taking over the accounts means he is starting to feel better?