Friday, January 2, 2015

Ack! Gone! they are gone!

Those pages with all the layouts are gone! Up top! ^^^^

Well, I know they are, silly. I decided to protect my patterns a bit and remove them until later when I can do something else with them. You see, there are changes coming.

Now I know I've said that before, then I just disappeared. But I can't help it that my husband decided to take me on another roller coaster ride. I really do wish he would find a better way to entertain our family than roller coasters. I'd much rather fight boredom with a nice hike in the woods or something. I've blogged about him on the Hillbilly Handiworks blog. So, lets not talk about him. Let's talk about shop.

Hillbilly Quilt Shop!

My little store is up and running well. The shop had a bumpy start with Jerry deciding to visit the hospital so much right at the beginning of my shop opening. But he stabilized in December and the store front had a good little month. People, just as I thought, travel down to Hamilton to Missouri Star Quilt Company and stop here along the way. I am kind of hoping not too many stop in today as I've shuffling displays but needed to spend some time working on the computer this morning! (Sidenote: people have already been stopping in...that is equally exciting...even if displays are in shambles, and this blog is taking forever to write).

I've been trying to enter all the merchandise from the shop to the I am getting them there bit by bit. The response has been amazing, especially for Cosmo floss. I have new Valdani thread and also Treasure hand quilting thread that I need to list. If you watch the Hillbilly Quilt Shop facebook page I try to list a new item each day, and tell the page when I do so.

Quilt by Hand.

Speaking of all know I live there. My facebook fabric group, Ozark fabric, is my full time job and our family needs it to be. What a blessing it has been during tough times this past year! Because I live there, I still am not in blogland very much at all. I've found some great groups to share projects and learn from others. There are paper piecing groups, quilt groups, groups for everything! I just started a new group called Quilt by Hand because I want to learn about hand quilting. I was part of a large hand quilting group but it was posted that small projects such as runners and placemats were not allowed. I only make small projects so I had to create a new group!

I am hosting a challenge in the group and will be each and every month, you should go check it out.

As for Ahhhs, patterns, paper piecing, etc. When my life was insane I just had to shut it down. I had no choice. But now, guess what? The storefront has changed everything!!! Jerry not working has also changed everything!! I get several hours each day to work. I actually have..get this... ALL THE AHHHS COUNTED!!  That means I have at least 6 of each ahhhh counted and ready for when someone places an order. Which means...drumroll...


I am going to bring back the monthly clubs, I will be releasing 8 ahhhhhs a month again starting this month!

So then why did I take away secondary patterns? Well anytime I get a pattern pack released, I do place them on my website. Pattern packs are ahhhhs that are put together into a pattern, such as a runner, or wall hanging. Pattern packs are great because they reveal secondary patterns.

I have plans for secondary patterns. As long as my husband behaves and I get shop time, then I think those plans can finally happen!!! So keep watching, but you know how Hillbilly Tonya's life is... keep watching and just wing it! Because at any given moment that husband of mine will choose to toss us up on a roller coaster ride, I no longer promise to have things done by a certain date. I just do them when I can.

Oh VIDEOS! I almost forgot!!

My sons and I have been watching videos. Now, Stephen isn't really into quilting anymore. I mean, he would be if I had time to let him, but he has discovered Stampy Longhead. And since discovering Stampy, well... have we sure watched videos, and videos. But, in doing so, I've learned a few things and I'll be taking a new approach with my videos as soon as my older son comes home from holiday with his dad's family. I have a great video project I have been working on and it is SO PRETTY.

So yes, no promises when, be keep watching!!

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