Thursday, January 8, 2015


You know how it is when you are talking to your husband, your son, your brother... and a long-legged skinny woman with tight jeans, low cut shirt, fake you know what's and flowing long blonde hair walks by? I mean, seriously...they will deny it...they will say they only have eyes for you; they will say that they are listening but you know better. You know that their eyes don't lie. My oldest son was just three years old when he first exhibited this trait that all men have. We were at my daughters horse show and some blonde rode by on a palamino. She had a blue glittery skin tight outfit on and heard from the mouth of my very young son "Wow!". Amy and I looked at each other and laughed. Then there is my youngest son. He was just a few months old. You know how infants are when they get at that excited stage and their entire body shakes, kicks and jumps? Stephen had spied a blonde in front of us in the Walmart check out lane. Yep. He liked what he saw.

Women, we are just different. Some of us look at certain men and think they are hot. I've never really been that type. I'll take that back. When I was in 3rd grade I thought The Fonz and one of those Hardy Boys were pretty hot. I had posters in my room. Time ages us, and lust of the flesh struggles change. (For women, that is. I don't think lust of the flesh struggles ever change for men. ) For me, a lust of the flesh dream is an empty house, my electric blanket, a box of chocolate covered cherries and my kindle app fired up with a good cozy mystery.

But go back to my original thought... men and their distraction over a hot blonde. Now that is the sort of distracted moments I get when I am counting ahhhhs. I really do try to get them all counted. But I am sitting there, looking at the pattern and I just can't help it!

Take Ahhhh # 137 Lucy in the Sky for example. I just couldn't help myself. I pulled out the pieces to count out half a dozen of them, then suddenly jumped over to my laptop, pulled up Corel and started sticking several of the pattern next to each other. Then I started coloring it. Now this is a way that many of you might like to color it. 

The flower shows in the middle. Its symmetrical. It makes for a fun layout:

And if you decided to do some twisting and turning a bit, you could come up with some stripes:

But, alas. I just couldn't stop there. I had to have a play with coloring it differently.
What if I forgot that there was a flower in the middle and I colored it like this?

Weird, huh? BUT...wait for it! What if I then stuck several of them together?

Alas, I am a helpless cause!

I best just get back to counting... oh look.. number 148..what if I added this here, and that there.....


  1. Pretty AHHH. Love it when you give the colours.

  2. I stumbled upon your "Distraction" blog randomly, and want you to know that your words gave me a BIG HEARTY LAUGH!!! I LOVE your personal description of "Lust of the Flesh"!! ahhh, the joys of being post-menopausal! To add to that dream: "staring at piles and piles of my unused fabric stash". Thanks for starting out my day with a smile!