Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back In Action!!!!!

How long has it been since I blogged here?
I think at least a year.

I know that three years ago I said we had an awful year. But then this month, July, marks the anniversary of a beginning of what was another awful year. Now I am not trying to be all negative and feel sorry ish. Just the facts folks. Blood transfusions, hospital stays, ambulances and home health. These are all the reasons I haven't blogged and do not EVER read blogs.
(I don't read anything! )
These are the reasons I'm awful at replying/responding. Well that, and that my fabric shop is on Facebook. If you've ever tried to run a business on Facebook..well you wouldn't even wonder why I am horrid about answering. Talk about HUNDREDS... yes you read that right, it is not an exaggeration... of messages, tags, notifications every. single. day. all. day. 24. 7. 365.  It just doesn't stop! It's overwhelming and if I am ever to spend time with my family, then I draw the line somewhere and throw my hands in the air and just walk away from emails. Then I never remember to go back to them. I have hundreds there that I need to go clean up. In so doing I'll probably find comments from some of you.

BUT... I am going to TRY to fix that.


Well because this past week I tried to create a schedule (p.s. Hubby is doing better and is stabilized for the moment) and because while I should have been able to get some things accomplished, yesterday evening at weeks close...I was annoyed, Stephen was frustrated to tears and Jerry was discouraged because his wife and son were very unhappy.


I'm gettin' there:
So..after Stephen fell asleep I drug my husband's handsome self down to my work station/dungeon whatever you want to call it. (It morphs depending on what I am doing at the time.)
Then I did a bit (alot) of pointing things out to him.

The fabric shop: pretty obvious. Can't hardly miss the 200 flat rate packages that constantly line our walls. So, I ignored the obvious part of my job and showed Jerry the rest.

I piled fabric on the table. Showed him plans, projects. Revealed my frustrations in goals not met. I pulled up other's patterns and books, compared them to mine, showed him WHY the world needed to see what's going in my little head because it IS different. TOTALLY!  (We all knew that, huh?)

My book that would have been is NOTHING like the book that did become that wasn't mine. If that makes sense. I showed him. And my non quilting, could care less husband SAW what I was saying.

Last night was a very good talk. Long talk. I wore the poor man out. He's probably up there dreaming of sea horses and mermaids (which was the last project I showed him before he retired).  But, he UNDERSTOOD and that is what I needed. Him to catch the vision of where I am trying to go.

So, after we worked out my goals and where I am headed with this English Paper Piecing thing, we worked out a schedule. I got him to agree that I HAVE to sew daily. (I should have gotten that in writing, huh? )

And then, he went to bed and I tossed and turned with yet more ideas. And that, my friends, is where you come in.

I finally gave up, got up and went to work on the website first.
I killed (ouch) anything that didn't pertain to EPP with the exception of some notions, and of course Cosmo floss. That isn't going anywhere. All those patterns and notions I deleted will end up in my Facebook fabric group. And they will be discounted. Ozark Fabric. It's a group. On Facebook. (Ok I'll shut up the advertisement now.)

Then, don't hate me, but really people are done shopping them anymore, so I deleted monthly clubs. ALL of the monthly clubs. They really messed with the search engine. I don't like my website at times.

Next I have to go through and edit all the Ahhhs, changing the names just a bit so they show up better on my website's search engine.

THEN: (here is where it gets exciting) I am going to make a FREE catalog to you all. It will contain the ahhhhs, their secondary patterns, and a list of each paper piece included in that ahhhh. I've been wanting to do this forever and nothing ever seemed right. I didn't know how to publish it. I thought maybe if I went with an ebook I could just make it really cheap (since Amazon likes money when you publish through them), but it still didn't seem right. But then last night, in the middle of the night, I figured out how to accomplish a FREE catalog.

Now, (put on your pout face) I will not be including all the scrumptious patterns I am currently working on. (Did I mention sea horses and mermaids somewhere? ) They were going to be in the ebook. And they will still be in an ebook. Only now I'll probably not release it until winter. (And I can never ever promise because my husband's health turns on a dime.) I can't give you everything for free. I'd love to but seriously, I would LOVE to slow my Ozark group down a bit and sell more patterns which would lead to me designing more for YOU.

I have tried to find ways to push the book out faster. I've tried hiring sewing people. Trading fabric to sewing people. But that hasn't worked out well for me at all. So, I gave up on having help and I'll just get it finished when it gets finished. But the exciting thing is: My husband caught the vision last night. And after our long talk, I think the tide will turn and I'll get to sew more than I have in the past.

In close, everything always works out how it is supposed to. I LOVE being my own publisher now. (Look at that I haven't even published a thing yet but I am positive thinking here. ) I am FREE to do whatever pattern I want, how ever many I want, take as long as I want and DO WHAT I WANT.

And what I want to do is share with you!
So, I'll stop this photoless rambling. For now. I have a website to go fix up. And then a catalog to get working on.

Don't forget to check out Hillbilly Quilt shop on YouTube. I do share some projects there!


  1. That is real progress my dear. I'm so glad things are looking up and less stressful!

  2. it's good to have a TALK with hubby.
    You know if you need any help, just holler :)

  3. So glad that you finally got your hubby to understand your vision! Good luck with your eBook!

  4. Best news that hubby is stable at the moment and understands your vision. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately and was wondering how things were. Look forward to your e book. Take care Hugs

  5. Great news that he is stabilized, and super news that you are both on the same page now! You can do this! Hugs to you from SC!

  6. Dang I continue to some how miss your posts but then I'm way behind on reading. Glad to hear hubby is doing good now.
    I have thought about you and wondered how things were going. I guess I need to start paying closer attention.